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Mount Saint Vincent Care Center in Holyoke to lay off 106; workers may be rehired as part of nursing home sale
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Bobcat Fire spreads to 60,557 acres while still threatening Mount Wilson, San Gabriel Mountain communities
The relentless Bobcat Fire has spread to 60,557 acres in the San Gabriel Mountains as containment inched upward to 15% nearly two weeks after the blaze began.

Mount Saint Mary Academy student’s research paper to be presented at MIT conference
Westfield resident Hannah Cherry is expected to present the paper, along with fellow group members, at the MIT IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers) Undergraduate Research ...

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Israel went back into a full lockdown to try to contain a coronavirus outbreak that has steadily worsened for months as its government has been plagued by infighting ...

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Police: Mount Vernon detective did not use excessive force when punching suspect
Police ruled that Mount Vernon Detective Nicholas Smith did not use excessive force when he beat suspect Stephen Kinlaw as colleagues subdued Kinlaw.

Cannabis Consumption Surges During Pandemic As Sleep Issues And Anxieties Mount, Says New Poll
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a nearly double-digit increase in cannabis consumption among users as well as a "massive, lasting uptick" in consumers turning to cannabis ...

New Round Of Evacuation Orders In Bobcat Fire; Mount Wilson Still Threatened
Even as containment grew Friday in a massive wildfire in the Angeles National Forest, authorities issued a new evacuation order for foothill areas.

Mount Sinai partners with wellness center to launch NoHo location
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Mount Carmel College of Nursing has promoted its dean to a dual role as president and dean, as the school faces an unprecedented opportunity to expand.

Israel returns to virus lockdown as cases mount | Charlotte Observer
Israel went back into a full lockdown to try to contain a coronavirus outbreak that has steadily worsened for months as its government has been plagued by infighting.