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News for Pokemon Plush

Last Chance to Save 30% on 'Pokemon' Plush Bundles at Build-A-Bear Workshop
Today, April 16th, is the last day of Build-A-Bear Workshop's flash sale on online exclusive Pokemon plush bundles, so head on over to the sale page and take advantage of the discount while you can.

Pokemon Center Singapore a monster hit at Jewel Changi Airport
Hopefully there will be more of such items in the future,” said civil servant Kenneth Lim. An array of Pokemon plush toys available at the merchandise store. (Photo: Alif Amsyar) “There’s a Pokemon ...

"POKÉMON Detective Pikachu" Comes to 7-Eleven® with AR Experiences, Dollar Drinks and Exclusive Products
Participating 7-Eleven stores will have a variety of Detective Pikachu merchandise for all ages, including an exclusive set of trading cards, trading card file, plush Pokémon characters, Pokémon Clip ...

11 Whimsical (Non-Candy) Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids
Buy them on Amazon for $13 for three. FUN LITTLE TOYS, Amazon This 18-pack of plush toys comes with 12 finger puppets—six aquatic animals and six terrestrial animals—as well as six animal ...

More Detective Pikachu items sleuth their way to the Pokémon Center
Most notable in the lineup is the incredibly adorable Detective Pikachu Plush Ears Hat, which consists of the already-famous brown detective hat that’s attached to super plush Pika ears.

Pokemon Center opens at Jewel Changi Airport
NintendoSoup reported that there would be six exclusive products to be launched at the Pokemon Center ... mascot versions of the plushies, and the plush and mascot from the Ride on Lapras series ...

I’m Your Biggest Fan: Pokémon world record holder crams more than 21,000 items into house
You name it, she’s got it – from plush toys to toilet roll. Seriously. You hold the Guinness World Record for most Pokémon items, how on earth did you start collecting? I was nine-years-old and my ...

Fragment black Pikachu becomes a dope official plush mascot
However, black Pikachu will now become an official mascot, purchasable as a plush available at select Dover Street Market locations worldwide this April. The plush will first release at the Ginza ...

This life-size Furret plush is a horrifying reminder of how big Pokémon are
By “big,” I really mean “long,” as the Japanese Pokémon Center’s life-size Furret plush puts a very fine point on. The Pokédex tells us that Furret is 5 feet, 11 inches long, and weighs (a very ...

New Detective Pikachu merchandise up for pre-order at Play-Asia
San-Ei Co., the company behind various Pokémon and Nintendo items, is starting off by releasing Detective Pikachu themed bags, a “pillow” plush, and coin purse featuring the caffeine-addicted ...

This Life-Sized Pokémon Plush Toy Is Quite Long
The character is getting a life-sized plush toy that is, well, long. Fun fact: While Furret is 5'11", Charizard is only 5'07". Image: Pokemon Center Online Priced at 30,240 yen ($273), this life-sized ...

Rejected 'Pokemon' Plush Goes Viral Over its Sweet Cheeks
Pokemon is one of the largest video game and anime franchises running today, and with its massive popularity has come an equally massive amount of merchandise. But some releases have fared much better ...