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Serena Williams blasting a quadcopter with a tennis ball provides an important lesson about anti-drone defense
For most small, off-the-shelf drones, the military solution may be closer to a tennis serve than it is to a Patriot missile interceptor.

Putting The Coanda Effect To Work On A Quadcopter
The Coanda effect is an aerodynamic principle regarding the way fluids tend to flow along curved surfaces. This can be used to direct a flow, and [Tom Stanton] wanted to try out its application on ...

Impossible Aerospace Claims Electric Aviation First
An Impossible Aerospace US-1 "flying battery" quadcopter has become the first aircraft of its kind to cross the northern Nevada desert without recharging, according to the company. The aircraft ...

Dragonfly Spacecraft to Scour the Sands of Titan for the Chemistry of Life
The space agency, in partnership with APL, plans to send a spacecraft that resembles a giant quadcopter drone with double rotors to fly through the thick atmosphere of Titan. The rotorcraft, called ...

Will this hybrid drone give Russia a high-altitude advantage?
Is it still a tiltrotor aircraft if the whole body tilts? The new “Fixar” drone, set to be presented at Russia’s MAKS-2019 airshow in late August, is a hybrid of sorts, a quadcopter with fixed wings.

US-1 quadcopter crosses Nevada desert without recharging
SANTA CLARA, Calif. Impossible Aerospace announced that its US-1 "flying battery" quadcopter became the first aircraft of its kind to cross the northern Nevada desert without recharging in repeated 72 ...

Cezeri Is Turkey’s Very First Flying Car, Looks Like A Quadcopter To Us
A manufacturer in Turkey has unveiled the nation’s first flying car and is expected to be unveiled publicly at an aviation, space, and technology fair held in Istanbul. Like so many others, the ...

Procurement: Paying The Price
August 13, 2019: In Thailand, the NRDO (Naval Research and Development Office) recently revealed it had developed Narai 3.0, a small quadcopter UAV for use on coastal patrol boats as well as on land.

DJI Mavic Air quadcopter drone is $120 off for Prime Day
TL;DR: The DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter is $679 for Prime Day, saving you $120. Summer is a great time to explore. Whether that means going on a hike or relaxing on a beach, by yourself, or with friends, ...

Parrot retires its mini-drones to focus on its Anafi quadcopter
Competitively priced mini-drones such as Parrot’s Swing and Mambo devices offer budget-conscious buyers an easy way to dip their toes into the world of quadcopters before deciding whether to move on ...

Serena Williams blasting a quadcopter with a tennis ball provides an important lesson about anti-drone defence
Drones are becoming increasingly common around the world, particularly among militaries. But most small drones are still vulnerable to impacts – like a strong tennis serve, as Serena Williams ...