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New, vintage collectible toys focus of new store in Wallingford
Robert Torres, owner of This Toy Life, holds his favorite Star Wars collectible, Boba Fett's Slave I starship, Tuesday at the new store at 169 Center St. in Wallingford. Dave Zajac, Record-Journal ...

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One of my favorite 1950s vintage science-fiction movies is “Forbidden Planet.” Some movie critics considered it the very best outerspace Sci-fi movie until “Star Wars” came along. Its plot captivated ...

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Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best, once targeted by hate, makes first prominent return to 'Star Wars' galaxy
Ahmed Best — who once contemplated suicide due to negative reaction to his portrayal of Jar Jar Binks — finally returns to "Star Wars" with kids game show "Jedi Temple Challenge" on YouTube.