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News for Pilot Badge

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 brings back the historic badge
When rumors swirled that Ford would revive the hallowed Mach 1 moniker on an electric vehicle, you could feel the fanboy resentment through the series of tubes that comprises the internet. Then the ...

The Story of a World War II Marine Unit That Was Full of Ace Fighter Pilots
As a returning flight of Marine SBDs, dive bombers, were setting down on the airstrip, one of the planes lost a bomb which had failed to release during the mission. The bomb skidded down the runway ...

Trump calls high number of coronavirus cases in the US a 'badge of honor,' attributes it to testing
President Donald Trump on Tuesday called the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States – the highest in the world – a “badge of honor,” arguing the still-increasing number of cases is simply ...

Change awaits summer Junior Test Pilot program
June 2020 would have marked the fourth consecutive year that the Air Force Flight Test Museum presented the Junior Test Pilot Summer Program for students onsite at Blackbird Airpark and Joe Davies ...

Pilot Program Offers Virtual International Internships for Summer Students
This exploratory program allows students to put travel concerns aside to develop meaningful international connections with companies, NGOs, health and education organizations.

'Hightown': Jackie using a badge and gun to lure women is problematic but excusable thanks to her sexuality
Is Jackie really more than her explosive self when she is reminded she's not a real cop? Or are her multiple controversial tropes okayed and excused by being a lesbian?

Pilot’s special Anzac tribute flight over Victoria
In a video shared to Facebook, the pilot explained his idea while others left comments of support. My cousin-in-law, Mike Smith, flew/drew the Rising Sun Australian army badge in the sky over ...

MVP Discusses Police Brutality, Lack of Accountability
WWE Superstar MVP appeared on the latest episode of Lilian Garcia's podcast where he discussed police brutality amidst the current protests.

Stanford Introduces Health Check To Track COVID-19 Symptoms For On-Site Employees
Those using Health Check complete a questionnaire about their health one to two hours prior to arriving on a Stanford campus.

4 men die in small plane crash in southern Illinois
Four men died when a small plane crashed into a southern Illinois farm field, authorities said Monday. The single-engine Piper PA28 crashed about 3:45 p.m. Sunday under unknown circumstances, the ...

Spitfire Pilot - Squadron Badge
This is a squadron badge,(worn on the breast pocket of a jacket), owned by my late father, Jack Aldred, who flew Spitfires with 274 Squadron. Each RAF squadron has its own badge and motto.

Some feel-good moments as rugby league returns in Australia
The losing captain thanked the winning team’s players for their personal sacrifices leading into the match. A charter flight pilot received a big round of applause when his plane beat incoming fog to ...