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This volleyball-playing dog reminds us why we love sports
This is the kind of endlessly hopeful video we need at a time when so much feels helpless. In the absence of sports, there’s something particularly pure and beautiful about animals playing the games ...

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Tri-State volleyball player overcomes lung condition to inspire others
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McGhee Selected to USA Volleyball Board
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (April 6, 2020) – Jenny McGhee has been selected to the USA Volleyball Board of Directors as its High Performance representative and picks up the remaining term of departing ...

After more than 200 wins at Mansfield Lake Ridge, Jessica Tyler is named volleyball coach at Burleson Centennial
Burleson ISD announced Monday that Jessica Tyler is leaving Mansfield Lake Ridge to become the head volleyball coach at Burleson Centennial. Tyler amassed a record of 208-75 in seven seasons at Lake ...

PH volleyball community unites vs pandemic
More volleyball stars have joined the effort to raise funds for frontliners in the battle against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic. Alyssa Valdez, Charo Soriano, Gretchen Ho and Dzi ...

Beach volleyball player’s dog becomes social media sensation
Norwegian beach volleyball player Mathias Berntsen‘s dog, Kiara, captivated social media this weekend. A video of Kiara peppering with Berntsen and a pair across the net on a grass field spread from ...

WATCH: Dog serves as almost perfect volleyball partner during COVID-19 quarantine
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Kiara the volleyball dog is the very good content we all need these days
Kiara the volleyball dog may be a retriever mix, but she’s also a heck of a setter. The talented pooch has become a viral sensation by starring in videos that show off her remarkable volleyball skills ...

Holy Cross volleyball senior overcomes rare condition to get DI scholarship to NKU
Volleyball is a lifeline for the Holy Cross High School senior, who is getting ready for the next step in her life.

Meet the 2019-20 All-CNY girls winter volleyball team
The 2019-20 All-Central New York girls winter volleyball teams consist of 24 players — 12 each on the small school (Class B, C and D) and large school (Class A) teams. There are two winter Player of ...