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Potentially Dangerous Examples: Any of the thick, cutesy bumpers sold with crib bedding kits like this. You know the ones. Believe it or not, these are often still sold at big chain stores and online. ...

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She painted her son's nursery with non-VOC paint -- paint that doesn't contain volatile compounds, which give off gases -- and bought organic cotton towels and bedding. "I always get called ...

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How to create an eco-friendly nursery, from paint to fabrics
A nursery by interior designer Jenny Dina Kirschner. Non-VOC wall paint, organic cotton bedding and an organic cotton mattress can help create an eco-friendly and healthy space in a new baby's bedroom ...

Standard Bedding Size Measurements
Knowing the correct dimensions for beds on the market simplifies purchasing or making the appropriate bedding ... the standard crib mattress is 27 1/2 inches wide by 52 inches in length.