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Sofa startup Burrow has launched a 'sleep kit' that makes the couch a more comfortable place for guests to crash
It's difficult to get a good night's sleep as an overnight guest. Burrow's solution is a five-piece Sleep Kit to enhance the uncomfortable experience.

Kids Travel Lighter and Happier With The BuddyBagz Sleeping Bag
The BuddyBagz sleeping bag has all the travel essentials your little one needs to feel at home when they're on the go. (Amazon) Packing for an overnight trip with kids can be a challenge.

The Surprisingly Cozy Truths of Sleeping in Space
Inside the sleep station is a sleeping bag and laptop strapped to the wall, as well as some personal effects, like photos of an astronaut’s family or memorabilia from a favorite sports team. If the ...

How discarded sleeping bag led police to bodies of Canadian teen serial killers
A discarded sleeping bag, scraps of pork and orange peels and a marooned aluminum boat formed a trail of evidence that led authorities to the bodies of two teenage fugitives in northern Canada, but ...

Climate Change Is Going to Make It Too Hot to Even Sleep
In this case, it’s attached to something as fundamental as sleep. I don’t need to, say, drive to the grocery store (emitting greenhouse gases) and buy a plastic bag (hiss!) full of plastic straws that ...

Burrow's new Sleep Kit is a couch surfer's dream
and the perfect replacement for your smelly old sleeping bag you’ve had since childhood. Pick one up on Burrow’s website starting today.

What your go-to sleeping position says about your personality
those who sleep on their back, side sleepers and people who bag shut-eye on their bellies. Results showed that those who drift off on their back tend to fall asleep the fastest (within the space ...

Burrow's Sleep Kit Will Turn Your Sofa Into The Comfiest Bed Ever
The entire set can roll up into a conveniently sized bag that can—and will—transform any sofa into a perfect place to sleep for the night. It's just compact enough that you can easily tote it with you ...

Canadian killer fugitives' trail of clues: Billowing smoke, sardine cans, sleeping bag helped end manhunt
As authorities chased two fugitives across Canada suspected of killing three people before announcing Wednesday they found bodies believed to be the pair, they discovered a variety of items including ...

Rumpl's sleeping bag blanket is made from recycled plastic
With 100 percent recycled content, it's an impressive standard for technical gear. If you're a camper, then you probably know what it's like to huddle in a sleeping bag around a fire in the early ...

Rachel Brosnahan, 'Maisel' cast to sleep on NYC streets in solidarity with homeless youth
She'll trade in her mattress for a sleeping bag on Monday night. The fundraising event is organized by the Covenant House, a Manhattan-based, privately funded agency providing housing, food and other ...

Canadian tour guide believes he helped police locate teen fugitives after spotting a sleeping bag
A Canadian tour guide believes he may have helped police locate the bodies of the two teen fugitives accused of murder after spotting a sleeping bag in the willows. Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod, ...