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News for The Land Before Time Vhs

Sweating to the oldies: Remembering the classic workout videos
Most of our workouts are at home now, which makes this an ideal time ... VHS tapes can be found if you’re really motivated. Because the tapes were originally meant to be done at home, before ...

My favourite film aged 12: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Nazi jousters on motorbikes, crash-landing biplanes, spooky catacombs and ancient riddles – my first encounter with Indy was a thrilling sensory overload ...

Taylor Swift’s ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ Video Is a VHS Wonderland
Taylor Swift may have set a “Farm”-to-market land speed record with the release of “Christmas Tree Farm” Thursday night, just four days after the tune was written, and with much less time ...

Interview: Director Bill Ballard on ‘Blue Crush’ -- The Original 1998 Version
before Blue Crush, arguably the first video of the 1990s VHS/DVD boom to feature an all-female cast. When and how did the idea originate? I was married to Rochelle Ballard at the time, so every ...

The best Pixar movies, ranked!
You’d be forgiven for thinking Pixar had run the imagination well dry by the time Cars screeched into ... Cars also marks Pixar’s last movie before being snapped up by Disney and, as finish ...

NFL Draft: Gathering for football, food and friendship at 'draft day' party for years -- until this year
The sticker label on a VHS tape said “NFL Draft 1990 ... She wasn’t even my wife at the time, and lucky for me, she chuckled at the whole thing more than she cringed.

My Mental Health: How Buffy got me through the hardest times in my life
Each year as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Digital Spy writers share their experiences of how entertainment can be part of the conversation around mental illness. I stared at the floor, ...

What would you drive in 1985?
While watching the 1985 American League Championship Series last night, several of the broadcast's commercials made its way into the original VHS recording ... age at the time) instead of what ...

Interview: BEASTARS CG Chief Director and Orange President Eiji Inomoto
We visited the Orange studio to learn more about Inomoto's animation philosophy and what in particular makes his studio special. Could you tell us what makes Orange different from other CG studios?

The Super Schaffer Bros
Jeff and Greg Schaffer—the creators (and IRL brothers) of Netflix's new series 'Brews Brothers'—break down their journey crafting their new show.