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Samsung Galaxy M01 specifications, features leak ahead of launch
The schematic reveals the M01 will come with a 5.71-inch display with HD+ resolution (720 x 1560 px), and 19:9 aspect ratio. This will be covered by a body with dimensions 146.3 x 70.86 x 9.8 mm. The ...

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The Galaxy A51 is the best-selling Android phone of Q1 2020 according to one firm, and there's plenty to like.

Samsung Galaxy A51's Q1 Shipments Only Behind Apple's iPhone 11
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South Korea approves Samsung Galaxy watch as medical device
South Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has officially approved a heart-monitoring function for Samsung's health app, enabling smartwatch users to keep tabs on their blood pressure.

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The best phone cameras all have zoom features, and two of the most capable come from Huawei and Samsung. We put the P40 Pro up against the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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New leaks on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 have come out. That included a bigger display and a quartet of bulging cameras at the back.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus renders suggest a slightly bigger screen and much bigger camera bump
Samsung’s Note series has always been about superlative specs and design. New renders of the Note 20 Plus based on leaked CAD drawings suggest 2020 will be no difference. The renders show the same ...

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Amazon and Best Buy are running deals on true wireless earbuds today for Memorial Day. Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds are both on sale so don't miss out.

Galaxy Note 20 Plus: Is Samsung Going Bigger Than Ever?
Leaked renders suggest Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 20+ with a 6.9-inch display, the largest ever in the Galaxy Note series, and a multi-camera setup similar to the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG Feature Now Approved In South Korea
Samsung finally acquired clearance to activate the Galaxy Watch Active 2's ECG feature, which means users will soon be able to use the device to monitor their blood pressure and heart rhythm on the go ...

Galaxy S20 sales can’t match iPhone 11
Phone 11 sales crushed competitors in the first quarter of the year. Apple moved nearly 20 iPhone 11 units during the period, just as the novel coronavirus health crisis started affecting the ...