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Richard Branson plans to visit space in 'months'
He's already in training to fly on one of Virgin Galactic's first flights. It's no secret that Richard Branson would like to go to space aboard Virgin Galactic's ships. However, it's now clear that he's eager to hasten the process. The tycoon told BBC ...

Richard Branson steps up his astronaut training as first space flight is 'just months away'
Sir Richard Branson has stepped up his astronaut training in preparation for a space flight he believes is just months away. His optimism looks set to intensify a three-way-race between rival billionaires to conquer the private space market. He told the ...

Richard Branson Is So Competitive He’s Launching Himself Into Space
When it comes to space exploration, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson isn’t bashful about his ongoing competition with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos. As this trifecta of billionaires races towards accessible space ...

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson says he's 'neck and neck' with Bezos in the space race
Richard Branson, the 67-year-old British entrepreneur, says he's in a closely-fought race with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to get the first fare-paying passengers into space. "I think we're both neck and neck as to who will put people into space first," Branson ...

Branson man pleads guilty to offering to hire minors for sex during Super Bowl week
BRANSON, MO. (Missourinet) - A man from southwest Missouri’s Branson is expected to be sentenced to 120 days in a Minnesota adult detention facility, after pleading guilty to offering to hire minors for sex during Super Bowl week. The Hennepin County ...

Richard Branson Is Opening the First Virgin Hotel in Europe in a City That Has a 'Very Special Place' in His Heart
Virgin Hotels is preparing to open its first European location. Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson celebrated the upcoming hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland at a ceremony on Tuesday. The hotel will take over the historic India Buildings in Edinburgh’s ...

Richard Branson wants you to rethink cruises
Virgin Voyages has unveiled sleek new ship designs in hopes of attracting a different kind of cruise ship traveler. 02:51 Comcast prepares to top Disney's bid for Fox

Branson Police Receive Donation for New K-9 Officer
BRANSON, Mo - The Branson Police Department will be purchasing and training a new K-9 Officer, thanks to a generous donation. The Vietnam Veterans Association Post 913 donated $20,000 to the police department. Every year the Vietnam Veterans Association ...

Branson Street Closed for Storm Drain Repairs
BRANSON, Mo - The City of Branson is encouraging drivers to be aware of a temporary road closure in Southwest Branson while crews fix a failing storm drain. Crews will be repairing the storm drain, in the road section between Hensley & Root Ave. Both lanes ...