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News for Serpent

A ‘sea serpent’ is seen lurking off Cape Cod. But some have a more logical explanation
Professional shark spotter Wayne Davis said he has seen a lot of strange things off Cape Cod, but even he was taken aback after photographing a strange shape that looks remarkably like a sea serpent.

Book excerpt: Taming the Serpent: How Neuroscience Can Revolutionize Modern Law Enforcement Training
Neuroscience research can help guide police training for better decision-making and performance under life-threatening stress The following is excerpted from "Taming the Serpent: How Neuroscience Can ...

Memoir of a Serpent Woman
I am Ranire, the serpent woman who lives in the rubbles of Al-Hammar Palace. Yes, you heard right—the accursed and legendary half woman and half snake that wanders in the desert land of Ukh-Tarar. The ...

Secrets Underground: Mystery of the Serpent Mound
Rob Nelson investigates mysterious tunnels under Denver's airport, then heads to Ohio to uncover the secrets of a giant serpent-shaped mound. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times ...

Animals can go from pets to pests when released in the wild
"No! It's really big!" One of our rangers had received a similar call and was already out looking for the suspect serpent. He spotted some kids clustered around a tree with mouths agape and easily ...

Stargate Sg-1: Serpent's Song
SG-1's arch-enemy Apophis is dying and seeks sanctuary with O'Neil. But what he really wants is a new host in exchange for his knowledge of the Goa'uld. Will O'Neil grant his request or send him back ...

‘I was flabbergasted and floored’, says Serpent
From the moment news broke weeks ago that someone named Janice Samuel had pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from her then employer in 2016 – after vigorously denying it throughout ...

Celebrating archaeology
A celebration of local Native American tribes’ prehistoric heritage returns to Serpent Mound on Saturday, Aug. 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event features artifact displays, demonstrations of ancient ...

HOLY SERPENT Burns Slowly Through Endless Stacks Of Riffs On "Lord Deceptor"
Are you in the mood for some slow-burning riffs? Is your bowl all packed? Great, because we've got a brand new Holy Serpent track titled "Lord Deceptor". Seriously, these dudes are the median ...

Rainbow Serpent drug trafficker has conviction overturned
A 23-year-old man who sold drugs at the Rainbow Serpent Festival has had his three-month jail sentence overturned and his conviction wiped from the record. In January, Kurtis Smith pleaded guilty to ...

'DreadOut 2' Making Playable Debut At Gamescom - Trailer
A seal was broken, the great serpent Blorong has awakened. Witness Linda's journey looking for answers, redemption, and acceptance toward her role in stopping mankind's greatest threats.

Massive serpent is photographed on a family's verandah - but you'll NEVER spot it
A family have been left terrified after discovering a giant snake sleeping right next them on their verandah. After recoiling in shock from their discovery, the Queensland family quickly snapped a ...