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German Officials Agree on Plan to Exit Coal-Fired Power
The German government says officials have agreed on a plan to shut down the nation's coal-fired power plants by the mid to late 2030s.

UK must get post-Brexit 'defence privileges', says German minister
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German Shift From Coal Spurs Fresh Pain
A top utility, RWE, said it would eliminate thousands of jobs tied to the country’s coal phase-out, as the government pledged about $56 billion in aid to help German regions transition to cleaner ...

Khalifa Haftar, Libya's renegade general, "agreed to comply" with ceasefire, says German Foreign Ministry
Libya's renegade General Khalifa Haftar has "agreed to comply" with the terms of an existing ceasefire agreement in Libya, according to German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. The agreement would ...

German drug assessment body not convinced by Bayer's cancer drug Vitrakvi
Germany’s drug assessment body said that data provided by Bayer on its precision cancer drug Vitrakvi did not provide clear enough evidence of benefits, in a setback to the drugmaker in its home ...

German government sets aside $50 billion for phase out of coal-fired power stations
Germany’s federal government and the four German states where lignite – or brown coal – is mined have agreed to “a way forward” for the phase out of coal-fired power stations in the country. In an ...

German foreign minister says Libya's Haftar backs ceasefire: n-tv
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that Libya’s Khalifa Haftar, commander of eastern Libyan forces, is committed to a ceasefire in the northern African country, Germany’s n-tv television reported ...

German Minister Wants Close Security Ties With Post-Brexit Britain
German Minister Wants Close Security Ties With Post-Brexit Britain Britain is set to leave the EU on Jan. 31 after agreeing a deal late last year. It will remain bound by the bloc's rules until the ...

German parliament votes against new system for organ donors
BERLIN -- German lawmakers on Thursday rejected a proposal that would have made most people potential organ donors unless they objected, instead backing a less radical plan to tackle a shortage of ...

German lawmaker's office window riddled with bullet holes
A German lawmaker on Wednesday said he found bullet holes in his office window. Karamba Diaby, 58, shared a photo of the bullet holes on his Twitter page, writing that the police are investigating.

German beekeepers stage sticky protest on ministry steps
Bayer, which bought U.S. rival Monsanto in 2018, has faced several lawsuits over Roundup in the United States. The German government has agreed to begin phasing out the weedkiller this year and to ban ...

German officials agree plan to exit coal-fired power by 2038
German officials have agreed on a plan to shut down the nation's coal-fired power plants by the mid to late 2030s that will involve operators getting billions of euros in compensation, the government ...