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News for Vietnam

Fact-check: Black Lives Matter protesters did not deface Vietnam Memorial in Washington
A reverse image search shows that the image in the post is not the wall in Washington, but a Vietnam memorial in California that was defaced in 2016.

Lightning kills 7 in Cambodia, storm hits land in Vietnam
A tropical storm has made landfall in central Vietnam, killing one person, while seven people died in a lightning strike in neighboring Cambodia ...

One dead, dozens injured as tropical storm Noul hits Vietnam
Tropical Storm Noul pounded Vietnam on Friday, killing one person and injuring dozens more as it unleashed heavy rains and high winds on the country's central coastal region, authorities said.

Noul turns deadly while making landfall in Vietnam
Noul made landfall as a tropical storm in central Vietnam on Friday leading to at least one death, as reported by the Bangkok Post.VnExpress stated that Noul prompted the closure of several airports ...

Vietnam Vet, 'Forrest Gump' Author Winston Groom Dead at 77
Winston Groom, the writer whose novel “Forrest Gump” was made into a six-Oscar winning 1994 movie that became a soaring pop cultural phenomenon, has died at age 77. Mayor Karin Wilson of Fairhope, ...

Vietnam war leaker Daniel Ellsberg warns against extraditing Julian Assange
Pentagon Papers whistleblower tells extradition hearing WikiLeaks founder won’t get a fair trial in the US ...

Asia Today: Vietnam to resume international flights
Vietnam will resume international commercial flights connecting the country to several Asian destinations starting Friday, after a monthslong shutdown to curb the ...

Vietnam says tropical storm weakening, but risk of heavy rain
Vietnam's weather agency said on Friday tropical storm Noul was weakening as it approached land, though authorities warned the storm could still dump heavy rains triggering floods and landslides in ...

Factbox: Vietnam targets jump in solar, wind power capacity
Vietnam plans to ramp up its solar and wind power generation capacity, aiming to raise the proportion of renewables in its power mix to 15%-20% by 2030 and to 25%-30% by 2045, from 10% currently. ...

Storm Noul Weakens as It Hits Vietnam, Killing One Person
Storm Noul weakened to a tropical depression as it made landfall on Vietnam’s central coast, bringing rains of 100 to 300 millimeters and high winds, the national weather forecast center said on its ...

‘Your friend, Mike Conrad’: Huntington Beach woman reconnects with family of Vietnam War pen pal
Nancy Mikaelian Madey has become friends with the widow of the soldier with whom she exchanged letters 50 years ago.

Tropical Storm Noul pounds Vietnam; one dead, dozens injured
Authorities evacuate more than one million people across three central provinces, shut down all airports in the region.