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Add wireless charging to your iPhone 6, 6s, or 7 for under $20
Apple just released its brand new iPhone 11 series smartphones, and they’re awesome! If you already have a recent iPhone model that’s still working fine though, there really isn’t anything ...

Pixel 4: 6 things Google needs to do to beat the iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10
The Pixel 3 from 2018. On Oct. 15, Google will officially unveil the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. This is Google's opportunity to step up to the plate, especially since Apple took the wraps off its iPhone 11, 11 ...

If you have an iPhone 6 or older, it's finally time to upgrade — but not necessarily to the new iPhone 11
The iPhone 6 and older iPhones aren't getting iOS 13, so if you care about the latest and greatest iOS features from Apple, it's time to upgrade.

Apple iPhone 11 first impressions: Faster, better-looking camera setup, ultra-wide angle is a welcome addition
Read More All three iPhones look like their predecessors, save for the new camera setup on the back. A notch cutout is centered on the iPhone 11's 6.1-inch display, with the side button on the right, ...

Infographic: How Long Does Apple Support Older iPhone Models?
Contrary to earlier rumors, iOS 13 will still be supported by the iPhone SE, but anyone still using an iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus will be left behind. Considering that the iPhone 5s was released in 2013, ...

How Apple has designed the iPhone 11 for everybody
But Apple has improved the iPhone 11's Wi-Fi speed, particularly in crowded networks, by utilizing the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. Also known as 802.11ax, Apple says that a Wi-Fi 6 network will get you ...

After spending two full days with Apple's new iPhones, I'm convinced the iPhone 11 is the best choice for most people — here's why
Apple's iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are launching on Friday. Here's a closer look at what it's like to use them.

iPhone 11 Pro teardown reveals smaller logic board, larger battery
Overall, iFixit gives a repairability score of 6 out 10. The iPhone XS models also got a 6 out of 10 rating.

7 Things to Know About the iPhone 7 iOS 13 Update
and other iPhone models that are newer than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As expected, the iOS 13 update brings an assortment of changes to the former flagships including Dark Mode, a new swipe ...

The iPhone 11 has a few more features than we first thought
Corning has supplied glass for every iPhone since 2007. Gorilla Glass 6 is the latest version of Corning's tough glass, which is also used on other flagship phones this year such as the Galaxy Note 10 ...

The iPhone 11 Is Legitimately Great
Worse, it’s kind of fuzzy. The iPhone 11's 6.1-inch LCD has a 1,792 by 828 resolution and 326 pixels per inch. That leaves everything feeling a lot less clean compared to the 458 pixels per inch ...

A Microsoft salesman gave me a clever reason to dump my iPhone
Oscar took one look at my black iPhone XR and said: "Yeah ... He then led me to the Surface Pro 6. "This is the one I've got. And, look, you don't need a keyboard," he said, as he brought up the ...