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News for Prisms

Times Student Athlete of the Week: Tade Farrell set the bar high at Wilberforce
Farrell became the first player in school history to break the 1,000-point barrier on February 13, as Wilberforce played PRISMS School. He scored 20 points, making a three-pointer to go past the ...

Rule of might
Strongmen always equip their followers with prisms to view issues. Besides, they can polarise masses using strong emotions and instincts — like fear, anger, hatred and revenge — at will and with ...

Ben Affleck's Batman was hard to like – but the man himself deserves some empathy
Clearly the role fed into the actor’s private struggles, as it has for other actors, who have struggled in the name of Gotham City ...

How rainbow-chasing chemists put the twinkle in modern astronomy's eye
But once the physicists and chemists who were involved invented spectroscopy, it was off to the astronomical races. Related: 50 fabulous deep-space nebula photos Prisms are fascinating: White light ...

Beverly Pepper, sculptor who found airy beauty in steel and stone, dies at 97
With those materials, she created massive arcing curves, majestic columns and mirrored prisms — forms whose apparent weightlessness disguised the heft of the materials from which they were made.

“Architecture Is to Put in Order a Room, a House, a City”: In Conversation with Alberto Campo Baeza
Colors, complex curves, and diversity of materials are largely avoided to accentuate primary relationships between elementary prisms and to exalt magic out of sunlight. Campo Baeza’s architecture is ...

Separating Your Needs From Your Wants
The prisms we all have in place created by our conditioning and life’s experiences project a unique hologram that is our subjective reality. Contained in these realities are our needs and wants.

Kuwait's golden prism at Dubai Expo 2020 to shine light on scarce resources
A large water tower encircled with glinting gold prisms, representing the country’s desert, will symbolise Kuwait’s message to protect and preserve scarce resources, at Expo 2020 this year.

Protecting Remote Infants By Sms (prisms)
Known as the Protecting Remote Infants by SMS (PRISMS) the app is currently being used in Bwizibwera HCIV where midwives use phones to get a diagnosis.

Hamden High School Spotlight "Prisms" Concert
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Prisms Pharmasave
The friendly team at Prism's Pharmasave in Hamilton, Ontario makes your health and wellness its top priority. Whether you need to fill a prescription, you're looking for a particular health ...

Edmund Optics AR-coated prisms available in sizes from 5 to 50 mm
TechSpec broadband antireflection-coated right-angle prisms are for use with low-power laser sources. Based on an N-BK7 substrate, the prisms are available in sizes from 5 to 50 mm with coatings ...