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China's monetary policy will be more flexible and targeted in the second half of the year, the central bank said on Monday.

China opens anti-dumping probe on U.S. polyphenylene ether imports
China's commerce ministry said on Monday it has started an anti-dumping probe into imports from the United States of polyphenylene ether, a polymer prized for its heat resistance and used in the ...

Duterte On The South China Sea: 'I Cannot Afford' To Go To War With China
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says his country does not have the financial resources to wage a war with China over maritime territorial disputes.

South China Sea Dispute: Malaysia Pushes Back With Rejection Of Chinese Maritime Claims
Malaysia is appealing to the United Nations, rebuking China's claims that Kuala Lumpur has no right to seek the establishment of its continental shelf.

The China Vise Tightens on Hong Kong
Elections are cancelled, protesters are arrested, and a professor is fired.

The US already fought a cold war with China — it went very badly
With China rising in power, the greatest risk is not that the US failed to learn the Cold War's lessons, but that it learned the wrong ones.

Some mystery seeds illegally sent from China identified
At least 14 of the seed species had been identified, according to the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Tyson Foods Wants China to Lift Ban on U.S. Plant With COVID-19 Cases
Tyson Foods Inc is seeking to convince Beijing to lift a ban on U.S. chicken shipments from an Arkansas plant where workers tested positive for COVID-19, President Dean Banks said on Monday ...

WHO advance team ends visit to China to probe COVID origin
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How TikTok’s Owner Tried, and Failed, to Cross the U.S.-China Divide
The founder of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming, dreamed of building a global tech company based in China. Then the geopolitical reality set in.

China's Mission to Mars Blasts Off
California passes New York as the state with the highest number of Covid-19 cases. Republican lawmakers are set to present their plan for the next pandemic relief package. Markets watch for new weekly ...

HSBC's profits dive 67% in the second quarter as COVID-19 and US-China geopolitical trade risk hit the lender
The British bank reported profit before tax of $1.1 billion, 67% lower than the $3.2 billion it made in the first quarter of 2020.