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News for Animals

Alaska Airlines adopts a tougher policy for emotional support animals
Responding to a rash of mishaps involving animals on planes, Alaska Airlines plans to impose new requirements for passengers flying with emotional support animals. Starting May 1, the Seattle-based carrier will require passengers who want to travel with ...

Animals keep getting their heads stuck in our trash
The Animal Rescue League of Boston got a call last week about a skunk wearing strange headgear. Encasing its neck, like some sort of plastic Victorian collar, was the kind of lid that’s usually found atop a slushy frozen beverage. It wasn’t hard to ...

Cows may be largest animals on land in the future, scientists say
Cows may be largest animals on land in the future, scientists say A new study in the journal Science notes that “human activities are putting larger animals at a higher risk of extinction.” Cows may be the largest animals in about 300 years. Check out ...

Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin see resurgence of predator animals
DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) — Hundreds of years ago, the black bear, bobcat and gray wolf were native to the entirety of the Midwest. They were among the dominant predators of the land, but with human expansion west in the 1800s, the tables turned for these animals.

Column: Animals deserve protection from abuse
In February, William Dolsen of Manistee County, Mich., was convicted of animal cruelty after authorities found nearly 100 severely malnourished animals on his property, some of whom had died. His sentence? A mere 30 days in jail and a year’s probation.

'WildTrack' tech uses AI to track endangered animals
Local conservationists Zoe Jewell and Sky Alibhai are employing the eagle eyes of the public to help keep track of the world's endangered species. They are the the founders of "WildTrack," which is a non-profit using non-invasive ways of connecting and ...

Concerned about endangered animals? Stop eating them
Several rare-breed species of animals are facing extinction after humans have spent the last few centuries eating them and some have proposed a solution: eat more of these animals. The Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) publishes an annual list of endangered ...

Cows Could Soon Be The Largest Animals Left On Land
Zoos and blockbuster films trade on people's love of large animals. However, for thousands of years, humanity's activities have been ensuring there are fewer and fewer really big beasts. Indeed, a new paper warns that it may not be long before zoos will be ...

Mom issues warning after daughter suffocates under stuffed animals
A mother from Scotland is issuing a warning to parents after her daughter died while the rest of her family was sleeping. While Dexy Leigh Walsh and her family slept, her 18-month-old daughter Connie Rose suffocated to death under a stuffed toy animal.

2 arrested after dead, neglected cattle, other animals found
Saline County authorities say two people were arrested after nearly 190 animals were found starving or dead on property in rural Salina. Sheriff Roger Soldan said deputies went to the land on Saturday to investigate a report the cattle and horses appeared ...