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Goyal moots meet on pharma industry issues
Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal has proposed a meeting of pharma industry to discuss issues that it faced and find solutions to them. “Sometime in the second week of March, I will ...

Insolvency regulator moots rule change to replace Authorised Representative
A class of creditors may soon be allowed to seek an alternate ‘Authorised Representative’ (AR) to represent their claims and deal with their grievances if they are not satisfied with the performance ...

Khan moots ‘associate’ EU citizenship for Brits
Michel Barnier, European Commission’s head of task force for relations with the United Kingdom, walks with London mayor Sadiq Khan at the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, yesterday.

Bus patronage decreasing as Environment Canterbury moots 9.8 per cent rates rise
Canterbury authorities have dropped their goal of 20 million annual bus trips by 2020 as public transport use declines in Christchurch. The service, run by regional council Environment Canterbury ...

Mboweni moots referendum on rescuing state-owned companies on Twitter
CAPE TOWN - After a short hiatus from Twitter, South Africa's finance minister Tito Mboweni is once again posting prolifically, using the platform at the weekend to call for a public debate, possibly ...

Sean Plunket moots idea of New Zealand driving on right side of road after Holden decision
Broadcaster Sean Plunket has mooted a "wacky", but "inevitable", idea of moving New Zealand drivers to the right side of the road with steering wheels on the left of the car. It comes after General ...

MTUC moots revolving fund to help B40, M40 workers
Its secretary-general, J Solomon, says money will come in handy to cover the workers’ expenditure should their income be reduced due to cost-cutting measures.

Government Moots Steps To Enhance Audit Independence, Accountability
The government has proposed significant amendments to existing regulations to enhance the independence and accountability of auditors. Against the backdrop of instances of many auditors and auditing ...

Govt moots partnerships with big retail, business chambers to make indigenous products go global
Equity parameters shave off early gains, but markets close in green Sensex dips by 164 points as coronavirus jitters grip D-Street Govt commitment towards infrastructure investment is clearly laid ...

RBI moots customer protection agency for digital payments sector
NEW DELHI: With digital payments now a part of everyday life for a large number of Indians, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced that it will prepare the way for an agency that will look ...