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Creative Unleashes the Sound Blaster Katana V2 Gaming Soundbar
Creative is finally releasing its Katana V2 gaming soundbar. The release is highly anticipated as the original Katana is widely regarded as one of the best soundbars for gamers to this day. Creative ...

Sound Blaster Katana V2: This is the Cutting Edge
Creative’s Flagship Gaming Soundbar Sharpened with Super X-Fi Headphone Holography and More Product-SB Katana V2-01 Sound Blaster Katana V2 has sharpened the rough edges of its popular predecessor in ...

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Razer is mostly known for laptops and peripherals, but the company is taking its first step into the world of PC components with a few new product launches.

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Razer enters the component biz, releases wireless and haptic Krakens
At Razercon, the gaming company announced a new line of PC cooling components and a PSU, updates to its Kraken gaming headsets and new gaming chairs.

Razer Is Making RGB-Lit Liquid Coolers, PC Fans, and PSUs
Razer’s goal to RGB your entire computer desktop continues with a lineup of new PC components that support the multi-color lighting format. As part of today’s Razer showcase, which included release ...

Razer Kicks Off PC Component Party With RGB PSUs, Liquid Coolers And Fans
We suppose Razer used " kunai " instead of " shuriken " because Scythe already sells cooling hardware called the Shuriken. Indeed, the Razer Kunai are fans in your choice of 120mm or 140mm. There's no ...