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News for Kawaii

Japan's tourism industry seeks to light up the night
Kawaii culture The Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, is known as a birthplace of the "kawaii" culture that is now popular all over the world. Passing through the doors, you see a ...

Tropical Treats At Kawaii’s Shaved Ice
Obviously, we’re doing our tropical theme right: we stopped by Kawaii’s Shaved Ice for a great treat to cool the whole family down! Kawaii’s is a family-friendly joint that serves up dozens of mix-and ...

Stanford student by day, viral YouTube baker by night
Fong, a rising junior at Stanford University, has been experimenting with baking for the past nine years on her YouTube channel, Kawaii Sweet World, and has formulated hundreds of new recipes and ...

Suntory’s Soiree Kawaii Catharanthus Offers Carefree Maintenance
Tiny-but-terrific Soiree Kawaii Catharanthus goes the distance all summer. It provides excellent coverage in landscapes and will light up a patio or deck as a filler in containers. A portion of the ...

This Durian AirPod Case Won’t Make People Think They Smell a Gas Leak
We just found the King of Fruit AirPod Cases. Check out Kawaii Nation’s latest Durian AirPod case, a fitted container for Apple’s AirPods and AirPods 2. Just how adorable is this thing?!

This fast-food chain’s cups feature characters in sexually suggestive positions
As we all know, the Japanese are known for their love of all things “kawaii” (cute). From their doe-eyed anime characters to their charming take on food and accessories, the Japanese know how ...

Stanford student Rachel Fong’s ‘Kawaii Sweet World’
For baking enthusiast and Stanford sophomore Rachel Fong, it isn’t enough to whip up plain, ordinary desserts. Under her creative watch, a cake takes on the look of an adorable corgi or panda. A ...

Levi's Debuts Official Hello Kitty Fashion Collection
When it comes to cute things, Hello Kitty has you covered. The brand is well-known for being an ambassador of all things kawaii, and Levi's seems to be a fan. After all, the company has created a ...

Youtube star Rachel Fong ’21 shares whimsical baking creations in new cookbook
Fong’s debut cookbook consists of 75 original, easy-to-follow recipes modeled after her Youtube channel, “Kawaii Sweet World,” and was made available for purchase from major book retailers on July 30.

Three summer dessert recipes that will bring you closer to your freezer
Fong is the popular creator behind “Kawaii Sweet World” on YouTube, where she posts creative baking projects and tutorials about how to make these little desserts come alive through just the right ...

Kawaii Sweet World’s Zoo Animal Banana Pops
Rachel Fong — of “Kawaii Sweet World” YouTube fame — has distilled her recipes for adorable cake, cupcakes and other sweets into a new cookbook by the same name, due out from Clarkson Potter on July ...