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Kindle vs Kobo
If you’re after the best ereader, then you’ll likely already have encountered one of the biggest conundrums – Kindle vs. Kobo.Kindle, of course, is owned by Amazon while Rakuten owns Kobo. Both make ...

Amazon Kindle fans have just DAYS left before crucial feature is gone for good
International, Kindle DX International, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle (4th Gen), and Kindle (5th Gen) While you won't be able to purchase Kindle books directly on these ...

The best Amazon Kindle Paperwhite cases in 2022
So we have handpicked the best of the most popular Kindle Paperwhite case types to help you protect your e-reader. Keep in mind, all our recommendations are also suitable for the Kindle Paperwhite ...

Millions of Kindle e-readers will lose store access next month
August is just a couple of weeks away and this is the date that Amazon has set to render their Kindle bookstore unavailable on millions of active Kindle e-readers that are being used on a daily basis.

This $45 Prime Day Kindle deal ends at midnight – don’t miss it!
There are some great Prime Day Kindle deals that can save you a bundle if you’ve been thinking about picking up one of Amazon’s e-book readers. Take this deal, for instance, which gets you ...

How not to store a Kindle while not in use
However, that is exactly what has happened to a woman in Brazil who said a colony of ants have invaded her Amazon Kindle which was lying idle for some time. Things just didn’t stop at that ...

ANTS crawl inside Brazilian woman's Kindle...and start BUYING books!
A Brazilian woman has shared her surprise after ants made a nest inside her Amazon Kindle device, and even started 'buying' books. Journalist Mariana Lopes Vieira shared a video of the ants ...

Amazon: Champion clothing up to 69% off, Insignia 32-inch HD Smart Fire TV only $99.99 (44% off), Kindle eBooks up to 80% off
Amazon has some great buys right now including Champion clothing for adults and kids on sale up to 69% off, Hanes women's shorts for $9 (44% off), Echo Show 5 for $39.99 (53% off), Wireless Bluetooth ...

Kindle owner makes shock discovery after turning on charged device
Mariana Vieira made a shock discovery when she turned her Kindle on after charging it - and it's gonna cost her.

Ants infest woman’s Kindle — and start buying books on Amazon
We’ve all heard of bookworms, but book ants? A Brazilian writer was taken aback after a colony of ants allegedly colonized her Kindle — and started buying books off of it. “My virtual ...

Ants crawl inside woman’s Kindle and start buying books
A woman in Brazil has reported finding her Amazon Kindle e-reader infested with ants. Who seemingly went on to make a few book purchases on her behalf. Mariana Lopes Vieira, a journalist from ...