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News for Klein Tool Bag

Klein® Tools’ New Bull-Pin/Bolt Bags Feature Double Reinforced Bottom
Bull-Pin/Bolt Bags are made from sturdy No. 4 canvas with drain holes at the bottom for eliminating the water built-up. The bags are stitched and riveted for increased life and are designed to accommodate 1 and 1-5/16 in. bull pin sizes. The unit’s ...

15 inch Cordura® Ballistic Nylon Tool Bag
The Klein Tools 15 inch tool bag is made from Cordura Ballistic nylon, a high-performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs. A molded bottom with durable impact modified polypropylene provides additional durability. The bag's large opening ...

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Middleton, Nampa city councils to meet about recycling
Since Republic Services didn’t have a tool to sort the banned plastics from the approved plastics — types one and two — in a cost-efficient manner, the ban forced them to “walk through the current state of recycling in Idaho,” Klein said.

Australia Wants To Save The World. Will We Let It?
Whereas America is a nation built on millions of discarded plastic Duane Reade bags and politicians who routinely deny ... A hand-comb for the chamomile is the closest we come to using any tools." The farm is organic- and biodynamic-certified, and operates ...

Sen. Klein, DA Johnson back “Bawdy House Bill”
Klein said that cops recently found 268 bags of crack. 218 bags of heroin and eight guns in ... tenant attorney at the Urban Justice Center, "It could be a tool to harass out low-income tenants based on frivolous or false claims of criminal activity ...

Klein's ShopRite announces major renovation of Forest Hill store during annual Celebrity Bagging for Hunger event
"Hunger is present at all times in our community, and that's why we fight it with every tool available," Howard S. Klein, vice president and general counsel for Klein's ShopRite of Harford County, said. Among those doing the bagging honors this year were ...

One Crazy Night With Rae Sremmurd, the Superstar Duo About to Test Their Solo Talents
Jxmmi comes down the stairs in Calvin Klein rain boots, walking on his heels ... But they had already been experimenting with FruityLoops and Pro Tools, making dance videos and rapping. They just needed an audience. “We could do the dances the kids ...

Mad Rex: The post-apocalypse, as a restaurant
Michael Klein ... tools, and masks. Survivor-costumed heads and torsos hang over booths. And in a private chamber off the virtual-reality lounge, “lab techs” hook up patrons in a old-fashioned physician’s chair and offer them drinks served in a IV ...