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Rep. Madison Cawthorn accused of having knife at NC school board meeting about masks
A North Carolina school system contacted a sheriff’s office after a report that U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn brought a knife to a school board meeting that he attended to oppose the district’s COVID-19 ...

Man with knife arrested outside Ariana Grande’s Hollywood Hills home after confrontation
Police arrest a man outside Ariana Grande's Hollywood Hills home after he allegedly flashed a knife at security guards.

Man arrested outside of Ariana Grande's home for flashing knife: report
A man was arrested in California for allegedly wielding a knife outside of Ariana Grande's home. An LAPD spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that a man named Aaron Brown, 23, was arrested on Friday, ...

Sure looks like Madison Cawthorn illegally snuck a tactical knife into a school
What can you say about North Carolina Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn? That he's a habitual fabricator? An apparent bigot? An armed seditionist? Yes to all of the above. But now it seems we can add a ...

Texas lawyer fined for walking on beach as Michael Myers with bloody knife
According to Galveston Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Stacy Papillion, authorities received a 911 call about a man walking the beach carrying what appeared to be a bloody knife, the newspaper ...

Madhya Pradesh: Woman arrested for branding 3.5-yr-old son with hot knife
Indore (Madhya Pradesh): A woman who branded her three-and-a-half-year-old son with a hot knife was arrested by the police on Wednesday. She was staying separated from her husband for the past few ...

Knife-wielding man robs Mazomanie gas station, authorities say
A knife-wielding man robbed a Mazomanie gas station on Tuesday night, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Steals & Deals on kitchen items: Cookbooks, knife sets, Always Pan, more
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London violence: Knife and gun crime low after lockdown
Knife and gun crime have remained low in London despite the easing of lockdown restrictions, new Met Police figures show. Knife crime was down 32% in August 2021 compared to August 2019, while both ...

Galveston fines lawyer for strolling beach as Michael Myers with bloody knife
According to the Galveston Daily News, the man wore a Michael Myers suit from the Halloween franchise and walked around with a fake bloody knife. Police stopped by the beach after someone called 9-1-1 ...