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News for Lamborghini

Sponsored: The 2021 Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD Spyder SuperCar
So, what is a 2021 Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD Spyder? When style meets performance, that’s where the new Huracán RWD Spyder comes in. The new Huracán EVO evolution RWD rear wheel drive ...

Marcello Gandini slams new Lamborghini Countach
The designer of the 1971 original says Lamborghini's reborn supercar is not true to the “spirit and vision” of his design. Marcello Gandini – the man who ...

Marcello Gandini Says No to the New Lamborghini Countach
The original Countach, produced from 1974 to 1990, was penned by the great designer Marcello Gandini, who was also responsible for other classic Lambos like the Miura and Diablo. A new limited-series ...

Lamborghini Beats Supply Chain Disaster for Record Sales Year So Far
Turns out, the Volkswagen Group knew what it was doing when it reportedly turned down an $11.5 billion offer to buy Lamborghini earlier in the year because, financially, the VW-owned supercar firm is ...

Teen Lamborghini driver gets juvenile camp for fatal Los Angeles crash
A Los Angeles teenager who was behind the wheel of a Lamborghini in a fatal crash was sentenced Thursday to seven to nine months in a juvenile camp. The son of a multimillionaire businessman, he was ...

Teen Gets Up To 9 Months In Juvenile Camp For West LA Lamborghini Crash Which Killed Monique Munoz
The teen son of a wealthy businessman has avoided prison time — but will serve several months in a juvenile camp — for a high-speed Lamborghini crash in West Los Angeles back in February of 2020 that ...

This 1974 Lamborghini Urraco Owned by a Saudi Prince Is an Incredible Barn Find
Lamborghini Urraco is a sports car that got to see the daylight in 1970 at the Turin Auto Show, with the actual market debut eventually taking place for the model year 1972.

Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Aventador SVJ for Sale, Do You Really Need Both Kidneys?
Most of us would be satisfied with a bone-stock Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Heck, even a normal Huracan would do, but UndergroundRacing wants only the best in terms of performance.

Teen in Deadly Lamborghini Crash Sentenced to 7-9 Months in Juvenile Camp
The teenage son of a multimillionaire businessman was ordered Thursday to serve seven to nine months in a juvenile camp for speeding in a Lamborghini SUV that slammed into a car and killed a woman in ...

Son of L.A. millionaire sentenced to 7 to 9 months in fatal high-speed Lamborghini crash
The son of a wealthy L.A. entrepreneur was sentenced to seven to nine months for killing a 32-year-old woman in a February crash when he was driving his father's Lamborghini at more than 100 mph.

Winner Selected for FreeBitco.in Lamborghini Giveaway
FreeBitco.in launched the “Golden Ticket” contest, a love letter to the crypto-community that helped it amass a massive user base.

Marcello Gandini Says No to the New Lamborghini Countach
Apparently, last spring Lamborghini requested a video interview of the senior Gandini with Mitja Bokert, head of Lamborghini’s design department Centro Stile, about the upcoming 50th anniversary ...