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News for Land Rover

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The Land Rover Discovery is about to receive its first major round of updates since the current fifth-generation model went on sale in 2017. A prototype for the updated Discovery has been spotted ...

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We've used What Car?'s True MPG calculator to work out how Dominic Cummings' Land Rover can go before it empties its fuel tank - and reveal seven rival mid-size SUVs that are more frugal.

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Comment Now! Land Rover has a new Defender on its hands for 2020. It's the first truly new Defender in over three decades, and represents a huge ...

"Seven minutes of terror" as NASA hopes to land rover Perseverance on Mars
NASA scientists and engineers call it "the seven minutes of terror." The tense 420 seconds of breath-holding suspense as a Mars rover takes control of its own destiny and attempts to autonomously land ...

After 7 Years, Indiana Returns Seized Land Rover In Landmark Supreme Court Case
When Indiana law enforcement seized Tyson Timbs’ Land Rover seven years ago, he had no idea his car would become a vehicle that would jump-start part of the Bill of Rights. Now seven years later, ...

Next-gen Range Rover takes shape for 2022
Jaguar Land Rover has not revealed much about the next Range Rover, except that electrified powertrains will be on the menu. That means there will be a plug-in hybrid model and ve ...

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. 2020 Land Rover Discovery: Is Luxury Worth It?
Two off-road champs show off their best features as we ask if paying more for the badge gets you a better vehicle.

Indiana Returns Land Rover Seized 7 Years Ago in Landmark Asset Forfeiture Case
Indiana is still fighting to keep Tyson Timbs' SUV seven years after it first seized the car, but for now, it's back in Timbs' driveway.

Range Rover at 50: The birth of luxury SUVs
Stuffed to its roof racks with baggage, the Range Rover should have been an instant failure when its fat Michelin tires finally rolled onto U.S. soil in March 1987. Instead, a brilliant launch ...

'A victory': Indiana returns Land Rover after 6 years — with strings attached
Indiana authorities reached an agreement with Tyson Timbs to return his Land Rover while the civil forfeiture case remains active.

Jaguar Land Rover Is Seeking U.K. Virus Aid Package
Jaguar Land Rover is seeking a government aid package to weather a collapse in car sales brought on by the pandemic, according to people familiar with the matter.

Indiana Returns Land Rover Seized in Landmark Asset Forfeiture Case—But Continues the Legal Battle Over its Ultimate Fate
In Timbs v. Indiana, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Eighth Amendment's Excessive Fines Clause applies to state asset forfeiture seizures. But key issues were left for lower courts to resolve.