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News for Landrover

2020 Land Rover Defender 110 Review: Still The Best 4X4 By Far?
The new Defender is priced from $49,900 in the US and £40,330 in the UK. actcreative / Land Rover. Has a new car ever arrived with more weight of expectation on his shoulders tha ...

Land Rover Defender 3.0 First Edition: Holding its ground
The Land Rover Defender is probably the most unlikely cult car there is. Despite its industrial, rustic and impossibly boxy styling, the car has die-hard fans all over the world.. Read more at ...

Designer's testimony fails to sway British court in Land Rover case
Jaguar Land Rover felt so strongly about its ownership of the Defender's shape that it hired the former Ford Motor design chief J Mays to present its case to a UK court. Ultimately, JLR still lost.

Zero Labs electric Land Rover Series III is a $185,000 dream off-roader
The Land Rover Series III is the second model that Zero Labs has announced. It restored and electrified Ford Broncos previously.

Land Rover loses trademark battle over Defender SUV's shape
Land Rover was denied a trademark for the shape of its iconic Defender, which means development of the Ineos Grenadier continues to move full speed ahead.

Land Rover Loses Suit to Stop Copycat SUV
The new auto company even admitted they were inspired by the Land Rover Defender. These days, if you don’t start your own car company are you even really a billionaire? British ...

Land Rover fails to defend the Defender in court
Land RoverJaguar Land Rover has lost a U.K. court attempt to trademark the shape of the classic Defender. The Intellectual Property Office had previously ruled that the shape was not distinctive ...

Cars destroyed in fire at Stockport Land Rover showroom
A number of cars have been destroyed in a blaze at a Land Rover showroom which broke out overnight. The fire at the Guy Salmon dealership on Bailey Road in Stockport broke out at about 01:30 BST, ...

Land Rover Loses Defender Trademark Suit to Ineos
In a stunning recent decision, the U.K.'s high court court held that the shapes that Land Rover wanted to protect through a design trademark were not distinctive enough to be protected by trademark ...

Land Rover Defender 90 US launch delayed until 2021
A Land Rover spokesperson told Motor Authority that the two-door Land Rover Defender 90 model is delayed until spring 2021 due to the coronavirus and the popularity of the four-door 110 model.

Land Rover Announces Asia Online Broadcast to Launch New Defender
The online broadcast will be hosted by Popular Singaporean adventurer Rozz, who will guide viewers on a journey into the design history and evolution of the Land Rover Defender. This will herald the ...