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News for Large Print

You Can’t Just Print More Gold
There’s one thing that can’t be printed, and that’s gold. In fact, we may be looking at peak gold supply right now, which should only help the precious metal retain its value as cash deteriorates.

Zoom Analysts On Work-From-Home Boost, Churn Concerns After 'Historic' Q1 Print
Zoom Video Communications Inc (NASDAQ: ZM) reported a big first-quarter beat Tuesday, but the stock reaction has been muted as investors express uneasiness over a ...

Akufo-Addo sparks hope with African print fabric in 10th Coronavirus address
Click to read all about coronavirus → Aside his verbal communication with Ghanaians on ways to curb the Novel Coronavirus, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo appears to have ...

Sign of the times: With banners, placards and stickers, Wichita print shops play role in coronavirus response
There's been so much demand for the yard signs that there's now a national shortage of the wire stakes that hold them.

Celeste Barber’s story shows us the power of celebrity fundraising … and the importance of reading the fine print
A comedian's record-breaking fundraiser shows us the power of celebrity. But it also reveals the complexities of raising a lot of money very quickly.

Salesforce Earnings Preview: Five-Star Analyst Bullish Into Print
Salesforce (CRM) is set to release its earnings this Thursday after market close, and ahead of the print RBC Capital analyst Alex Zukin has reiterated his buy rating on CRM, while slashing his price ...

Indian Brand Leaders Prepare for Ad Renaissance; News Corp Closes 112 Print Publications
India’s biggest brands gear up to resume advertising after COVID disruption; News Corp Australia confirms it will close over 100 of its print publications, with most moving online; and a recent survey ...

Tie-Dye Print Highlights This adidas Stan Smith
This adidas Stan Smith takes on a white leather upper with a colorful tie-dye print on the heel tabs and insoles.

Poker in Print: Kill Everyone (2007)
One of the best poker books for tournament poker players, Kill Everyone continues to inspire and teach those in pursuit of glory.

Two Entertaining Novels from Random House – and in Large Print!
Someone We Know Shari Lapena Random House Large Print 2019, 381 pages ISBN: 9780593152232 Someone We Know is a very good crime/mystery novel by Shari Lapena that will keep you guessing who ...

Elsa Dorfman, Photographer of Large-Format Polaroid Portraits, Has Died at 83
Photographer Elsa Dorfman, who created large-format portraits of herself and others using a 200-pound Polaroid camera, has died at age 83. According to a report by the Boston Globe, the cause of her ...

Q5id chooses Redrock Biometrics’ palm print and vein biometrics for enrollment, authentication
Identity management startup Q5id has integrated palm print and vein biometrics developed by Redrock Biometrics to upgrade its biometric enrollment and authentication solutions, the company ...