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Former 49er Dana Stubblefield led away in handcuffs to stand trial on rape charges
SAN JOSE — Former 49er Dana Stubblefield was led away from court to jail in handcuffs Friday after a judge found there was probable cause to hold him over for trial on charges of raping an intellectually disabled woman. File photo: Former National ...

Civilian deaths in 2017 US-led anti-ISIL push 'triple'
The group said its estimates were based on publicly available data. The sharp rise last year was because of intense fighting in densely populated urban areas, as Iraqi troops and Syrian Kurdish-dominated forces, both backed by the US-led coalition, fought ...

A SoftBank-led group could buy as much as 45 percent of Wag, the dog-walking app that’s being loaded with cash
SoftBank could acquire as much as 45 percent of Wag, the dog-walking app startup that is in talks to accept $300 million in funding despite originally only seeking one third as much money. Recode reported last month that Wag was pitching investors on a $ ...

This Man Led Two Armed Standoffs Against The Government, And He Says He’d Do It Again
Ammon Bundy, the former Nevada rancher who twice led an armed standoff against federal agents and twice avoided a prison sentence, told BuzzFeed News he is prepared to launch another armed confrontation with the government if he feels it is necessary.

Stansfield Turner, who led major CIA reforms, dies
SEATTLE – Stansfield A. Turner, who served as CIA director under President Jimmy Carter and oversaw reforms at the agency after the Senate uncovered CIA surveillance aimed at American citizens, has died. He was 94. Turner's secretary, Pat Moynihan ...

Wife who led double life online found dead outside home
CALERA, Ala. — Kathleen Dawn West described herself as a full-time wife and mom on Facebook but lived another life on other social media platforms, calling herself an exhibitionist and posting risque photos with a chance for subscribers to see sexier ...

Kashmir recreates classic Led Zeppelin sounds
Although some tribute bands may give top priority to their look, Frank Livingston assures that is not the case with his group, Kashmir. "We put the sound first, and then we try to put the icing on the cake by visually doing it too," Livingston said of his ...

Nick Foles nearly quit NFL, but prayer led him to Chiefs. Now he’s on cusp of Super Bowl
In 2015, quarterback Nick Foles lost his starting job with the St. Louis Rams to Case Keenum, and wondered if he had a future in the NFL. Ironically, Foles and the Eagles will face the Vikings and Keenum in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia.

Cedar Park, Leander Led Williamson County In 2017 Home Sales
CEDAR PARK-LEANDER, TX — Leander and Cedar Park led in home sales throughout Williamson County for 2017 for what would go down as a record-setting year, according to an Austin Board of Realtors report released Thursday. The greatest growth in home sales ...

Obsession with Perfection Led Ohio Cheerleader to Kill and Bury Her Infant, Prosecutors Allege
Brooke “Skylar” Richardson seemed to live a charmed life that most teenage girls would envy. The 18-year-old was a cheerleader who worked during the summer at a camp for kids with disabilities. After graduating with honors, the Carlisle, Ohio, native ...