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News for Led Lights

iBuyPower at CES 2018: RGB LED Lighting... on Power Cables
There's almost nothing left inside a PC that could be fitted with RGB LEDs. At least that was our assumption until we came across iBuyPower's suite at CES this year. For the person that has RGB everything, how about some RGB cables to go with it?

Sengled Tunable LED Light Bulb, Color Change RGBW, Remote Controller Included, A19
ADJ Products AC3PDMX100 100 foot Stage or Studio Cable SHINE HAI BR30 LED Light Bulbs 9W 4000K 6Pack Up to 48% OFF on HOME IMPROVEMENT products from GTAREN sold by GTAREN Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell w/ Alexa - $137 Find the best providers, plans and deals ...

Move Over, Neon: These LED Light Panels Change Color With Your Voice (and Your Music!)
Chat with us on Facebook Messenger. Learn what's trending across POPSUGAR. It's time to retire those neon signs and upgrade to an altogether new type of hip, customizable lighting: LED panels. There's one particular product that we're absolutely in love ...

Light Up Your Pontoon with Roswell LED Upgrades
Don’t lust after your neighbor’s boat as it subtly glows in the night. Set the mood in your own boat by accenting a cup holder, lighting a gate walk-thru, or just casting a subtle — or not so subtle — swath of color around your cockpit perimeter.

"Hazardous Location LED Lights Market In North America"
LED display is a display technology that uses a panel of LEDs as the light supply. LED lighting is used for events, entertainment, Signage, home applications and enterprise applications. The cutting-edge generation LED entails extraordinarily high ...

Truck-Lite Adds LED Fog Lights to Heavy Duty Aftermarket
Truck-Lite has added SAE-compliant LED fog light kits and an LED auxiliary driving light kit to its Truck-Lite by Rigid product offering. Based on the D-Series from Rigid Industries, the 3-inch x 3-inch fog lights are designed as replacements for ...

High Power Lighting ships EV-C LED devices
Invisible LED packaging service provider High Power Lighting (HPL) has begun shipments of UV-C LED devices for water purification and household disinfection, according to company chairman Charles Wei. The production is supported by UV-C (ultraviolet in ...

Truck-Lite’s LED fog, driving light kits
Truck-Lite has added LED fog light kits and an LED auxiliary driving/high beam light kit to its Truck-Lite by Rigid lineup. The 3-by-3-inch fog lights are ased on the D-Series from Rigid and are designed as plug-and-play replacements for the International ...

Big Fan of LED Shop Lights
I used to have florescent lights in my garage. We used to have florescent lights in our shop at work. The lights in my garage were old, the ballasts were failing, and I got tired of them being dim and flickery anytime the temperature was below freezing.

Truck-Lite Adds LED Fog And Driving Light Kits To Heavy-Duty Aftermarket
Truck-Lite Co. LLC, a global provider of heavy-duty lighting, mirror, telematics and visibility systems, has added SAE-compliant LED fog light kits and an LED auxiliary driving light kit to its Truck-Lite by RIGID product offering. Based on the D-Series ...