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This $27 LED light strip flashes different colors in sync with your music
I have to be honest: I thought the DotStone Music LED Light Strip sounded a little lame the first time I heard about it. An LED light strip that flashes different colors in sync with your music. Then I actually tried one and I have to say… this thing is ...

Research details developments in the global LED strip market
Complete report on LED Strip market spreads across 110 pages profiling 13 companies and supported with tables and figures. Inquire for more at www.orianresearch.com/enquiry/476597 Key Companies Analysis:- OML Technology, Jiasheng Lighting, Osram ...

Don’t Write Off Those LED Strip Lights—They're Genius
When you picture LED strip lights in a home setting, it's probably not a terribly inviting scene: perhaps some abrasive bright white radiating from all around an excess of 90s kitchen cabinetry? As with many well-intentioned and poorly executed advances of ...

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger [Review]
Charging aside, this thing is a lamp , and it serves the lighting function quite brilliantly. The bulb is actually a long LED strip and it can be turned on and off using a touch-capable button on the base. Once the light is on, you can also change the ...

LED Strip Market Development, Key Opportunity, Application & Gross Revenues 2018
‘ Global LED Strip Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2023’ is the latest market intelligence on growth drivers, industry and regional trends, competitive landscape scenario as well as upstream and downstream sectors.

NASA's Juno spacecraft strips Jupiter down to its underwear
“Juno is designed to look beneath these clouds,” said planetary science professor Yohai Kaspi of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, who led part of the research using Juno’s new measurements of Jupiter’s gravity. “On Jupiter, a gaseous ...

$1 Fentanyl Test Strip Could Be a Major Weapon against Opioid ODs
The strips (based on an immunoassay ... Although it is user-friendly—it is handheld and has an LED screen—study co-authors said it typically detects only the two most prevalent drugs in a substance. “It’s an important study, and it shows that ...

Essence Vegas Cannabis Dispensary Celebrates Second Anniversary On The Famed Las Vegas Strip
The first and only marijuana dispensary on the famed Las Vegas Strip, Essence Vegas is celebrating with an anniversary party and the unveiling of their new building façade, featuring state-of-the-art LED screens, spanning the entirety of the building. "

1 October couple says tragedy led them to engagement
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