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News for Lego

LEGO Hasselblad 503CX Camera Looks Just Like the Real Deal
LEGO bricks can be used to create just about anything you can dream up. For instance, check out this sweet LEGO camera from Taiwan-based photographer and obvious LEGO genius Helen Sham. Some of you will know right away that it is a Hasselblad 503CX film ...

LEGO Willy-B Stadium Brings Dad And Son Closer
In March David Robinson and his son David Jr started a fun bust massive undertaking in Charleston. It took over 5,000 pieces to do it but they built a mini Williams Brice Stadium out of Legos. Some pieces came from all over the world. When they got all the ...

James Bond's Aston Martin Teased For Upcoming Lego Model
But which of Bond's Aston's will get a Lego version? James Bond fans will soon be able to build a Lego model of one of the super spy's famous Aston Martins. Unfortunately, the companies' teaser doesn't reveal which of Bond's cars gets the plastic block ...

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 4: Elastigirl On The Case
To start this mission, you’ll need to glide toward the apartment building with Reflux. Elastigirl is following Screenslaver’s signal, hoping to locate the villain’s hidden lair. It’s a very short trip to reach the level proper, so let’s dive in.

Copenhagen LEGO Store debuts a Minifigure Factory to customize and print your own minifigs [News]
The LEGO Store in Copenhagen has debuted a new “Minifigure Factory” prototype, an in-store custom minifig-printing apparatus that will be available only this Tuesday and Wednesday for a test run. The machine allows guests to customize several designs ...

LEGO Teasing James Bond Set
LEGO may be adding James Bond to its stable of pop-culture brands. The official LEGO Twitter account was joined by the James Bond and Aston Martin accounts in a back and forth that suggests that 007 might be making an appearance in his own LEGO set some ...

LEGO Club 2.0: Robotics starts June 25 at Coos Bay Public Library
COOS BAY — Looking for something fun to do during summer break? Interested in robots, computer programming, or LEGO? Check out LEGO Club 2.0: Robotics at Coos Bay Public Library. The library will be hosting weekly robotics demonstrations at 2 p.m ...

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 3: Revelations
Before this level can begin properly, you’ll need to complete a quick rescue mission. Swap to Helectrix to enter the electricity and complete the LEGO build, then zap the generator. That activates a lift with all the scratching posts a kitty cat could ...

“LEGO House – Home of the Brick” on Netflix [Review]
This is a great year for LEGO-loving Netflix subscribers, with two LEGO documentaries being released less than a month apart from one another! You might remember the special LEGO episode of the Toys That Made Us, which we reviewed at its release in May.