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News for Lego

LEGO Is Rolling Out Its First Sustainable, Plant-Based Blocks
LEGO produces roughly 19 billion elements each year [PDF], and until recently, most of those bricks, minifigures, and accessories were made using oil. Now, the toy company has announced that it's experimenting with more sustainable production methods for ...

LEGO 71021 Collectible Minifigures Series 18 [Review]
Ever since LEGO introduced the minifigure, the tiny plastic characters have enthralled children and adults around the world. With hundreds of new figures each year, they’ve consistently proven to be one of LEGO’s most popular attractions, featuring ...

Build your own MCU with these 8 amazing Marvel Lego sets
Love Marvel and Lego? Here are the Marvel Lego sets that offer the best of both. It’s hard to remember a time when there wasn’t a whole slew of Marvel Lego sets out there, but amazingly, the toy maker has only had the official license since 2012.

LEGO The Incredibles Looks Like it is Happening Thanks to Retail Leak
The Incredibles are back this year after a short 14-year absence, showing that you can always try to return back to a good idea, no matter the absence. The original is still beloved to this day, so I have no doubt the sequel will become a huge deal.

LEGO The Incredibles Game Confirmed by Toy Packaging
LEGO toy packaging has confirmed a LEGO The Incredibles game is in development. According to The Brick Fan, the teaser was found on the back of the instruction manuals included in LEGO Juniors Incredibles 2 sets. This will be the first LEGO game based on ...

LEGO The Incredibles Game in the Works
Over the last decade, developer Traveller’s Tales has released several LEGO video game tie-ins to some of the biggest entertainment franchises around. There are LEGO game versions of Pirates of the Caribbean, LEGO game versions of The Lord of the Rings ...

LEGO Shop Double VIP Points Active Through Rest of March 2018
Those of you holding out for LEGO Shop double VIP points can finally rejoice. LEGO Shop double VIP points are now active for any purchase made at the official LEGO online store through the rest of March 2018. For example, if you purchase a $19.99 item ...

Guy Builds His Own Awesome LEGO Prosthetic Arm
David Aguilar was born with an underdeveloped right arm. But he didn’t let that stand in his way, and he built himself an awesome prosthetic replacement using LEGO Technic parts. He has put a ton of time into it. In fact, he spent the last decade ...

You Should Buy Your Kids Lego Toys To Play With, If You Want Them To Succeed Claims New Study
Legos are the kind of toy you can enjoy at any age. As a kid, you can build your first car, home, or robot, and as an adult you can build your hundredth of those, because who doesn’t love a giant robot? But it’s apparently more than just good and whole ...