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Scathing letter from health department insiders says N.J.'s pandemic failures led to ‘preventable deaths'
New Jersey’s response to the pandemic inside nursing homes was “an unmitigated failure” that led to “preventable deaths,” a group of anonymous health department employees charged in a letter to ...

Kroll, Minneapolis police union head, blasts city's riot response in letter to officers
In his first substantial comments since the killing of George Floyd, outspoken Minneapolis police union president Lt. Bob Kroll blasted the city's handling of the ensuing riots and told the ...

Mailbag: Flattering letter about the governor overlooks his many mistakes during the pandemic
Gavin Newsom in her recent letters to local media extolling how the governor has saved the health of California by his “quick and resourceful actions” regarding the COVID-19 response (“Mailbag: If you ...

Over 100 LGBTQ+ organizations release open letter in solidarity with George Floyd protests
While condemning racism, racial violence and police brutality, “The LGBTQ community knows about the work of resisting police brutality and violence,” the open letter read ...

Aberdeen trash collection changes would put costs to homeowners [Letter]
It has recently come to our attention that the City of Aberdeen is considering major changes to its trash collection services. The director recommended the council adopt option 1, that the city no ...

Weekend protests prompt Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to call in National Guard: Capitol Letter
Because of the damage in Cleveland and reports from Columbus police that outside agitators were coming into the city to commit violence over the weekend, Gov. Mike DeWine deployed the Ohio National ...

‘You just got a letter out of the blue’: California state workers surprised by reassignments
Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration moved quickly to place California state employees in positions as coronavirus contact tracers after his call for volunteers failed to come up with enough of them.

Elisabeth Moss aims for letter-perfect take on ‘Shirley’
When “Shirley” premiered at Sundance last January, critics could barely contain themselves praising Elisabeth Moss’ latest triumph as troubled author Shirley Jackson. Jackson is best known for her ...

An open letter: Suns' coach Monty Williams speaks out
Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams writes "an open letter" about the death of George Floyd, reaction to it and calls for change in America.

Read departing APS superintendent’s end-of-year letter to employees
In an end-of-year letter that also marks the end of her leadership, Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Meria Carstarphen thanked employees for their “heart” and work over the last six years.

A letter to… my alcoholic husband, in lockdown
The hardest part is the loneliness. It falls on me to try to educate our children and manage our dwindling finances’: the letter you always wanted to write ...

Coronavirus: Letter warns of threat to future of Belfast festivals
The Festival Forum steering group has written to all representatives on Belfast City Council. The Festival of Fools, Belfast Pride, Féile an Phobail and Eastside Arts Festival are among the ...