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Nehalem by the numbers: The Ars review
Only the higher-end Core i7 processors will use this interface, dubbed LGA1366, the consumer/mainstream products that are expected around second half of 2009 will use LGA1156, eschew QPI, and rely on ...

Intel Details CPU Naming Plans
However, buying a CPU it will be possible to fond Core i7 chips on both LGA1366 (such as the current i7 965) and LGA1156. You’re going to want to look carefully at the box, therefore, to ensure the CP...

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The company reportedly said that all modern CPU sockets were supported, which we suppose means Intel LGA 115x and LGA1366, maybe LGA2011 too, along with AMD FM1/FM2, etc. Buyers should keep in mind th...

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Some online shops list it for about 1200 Euros, so it costs about the same as the currently fastest CPU, the Core 2 Extreme QX9770. The core i7-940 with 2.93 GHz will cost around 680 Euro on release. ...