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News for Light

Bicyclist struck by light rail train in Hoboken
HOBOKEN -- A bicyclist was struck by a Hudson-Bergen Light Rail train on Monday afternoon, causing a messy commute home. The incident occurred at Paterson Plank Road in Hoboken shortly after 4 p.m., an NJ Transit spokeswoman said. Officials say the victim ...

Scientists use light to create new tissue shapes
June 18 (UPI) --Scientists have developed a new technique for controlling the shape of tissue. The method uses light to control protein activity, which dictates changes in tissue shape. Morphogenesis, the shifting of tissue shapes in an embryo, is ...

Two Elmwood Park residential projects receive green light from village board
Two new residential projects are headed for the village’s Circle area and Grand Avenue as the village’s development pace is picking up speed. At an early June village board meeting, trustees approved a developer’s plans to construct one eight-unit ...

City Light, Seattle Fire Department partner to combat stubborn electrical-vault fires
When a fire erupts in an underground electrical vault, there isn’t much firefighters can do except wait for the flames to burn out. That’s because water conducts electricity and could actually worsen the problem if sprayed on a vault fire. In the ...

Smoking hits new low; about 14 percent of US adults light up
NEW YORK — Smoking in the U.S. has hit another all-time low. About 14 percent of U.S adults were smokers last year, down from about 16 percent the year before, government figures show. There hadn't been much change the previous two years, but it's been ...

Square shares jump to a record after company gets regulatory green light for cryptocurrency trading in New York
Regulators grant payment company Square a license allowing New Yorkers to trade cryptocurrency on the rapidly growing Cash app. "That was one of the missing pieces in their puzzle," says Nomura Instinet analyst Dan Dolev. "They had approval in most states ...

Dying Light 2 Features A More Varied And Dynamic Open-World
Dying Light 2 really ups the stakes when it comes to traversing a lawless open world where danger lurks around every corner. With the original Dying Light offering a clever blend of parkour exploration and brutal combat of a zombie-survival game, the ...

Dying Light 2's stunning setting promises to fix the first game's biggest flaw
Despite having a blast with it, I cannot recount a single major plot point of Dying Light, Techland's zombie survival FPS. I can't tell you the main character's name or his motivations. I can't even remember the name of the vaguely Turkish city it takes ...

Some firefighters released as light rain around Colorado helps snuff wildfires
Light rain around Colorado on Sunday helped snuff wildfires that recently burned more than 58,000 acres, giving some firefighters a break and others a chance to target smoldering logs — and thousands of people evacuated from mountain houses went home.

Light rail service resumes in downtown Minneapolis
Light rail service in downtown Minneapolis was disrupted Monday afternoon after police investigated an abandoned backpack near the Hennepin County jail. After a brief delay, Blue and Green Line trains were again operating from Target Field Station to U.S ...