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News for Linger

Why do coronavirus symptoms linger for some survivors?
The FDA granting emergency use authorization for the new Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine is good news in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. But so-called “long-haulers” are still ...

As concerns around the pandemic linger, Coralville cuts revenue expected from hotel-motel tax by a third
In preparing its fiscal year 2022 budget, Coralville isn't banking on the usual hotel/motel tax money coming through.

Questions About One Medical Vaccine Controversy Linger
A lot of confusion continues to swirl around the decision by three Bay Area counties to cut off COVID-19 vaccine supplies to One Medical, a major health provider.

Water woes linger in Mississippi
Mississippi's capital of Jackson is struggling to repair its water grid. The city is under a boil-water advisory, and city workers are delivering drinking water to older and homebound residents. (Feb.

While NOLA, Seattle mayors tweet for Russell Wilson’s services, Saints fans linger in limbo on Brees’ future
Mayor LaToya Cantrell made her voice heard loud and clear on Twitter regarding her interest in the recruitment of Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

How long Covid sticks to surfaces as virus found to linger on clothes for 3 days
Research carried out by De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester looked at how  coronavirus  behaves on three fabrics commonly used in the healthcare ...

Water woes linger in Mississippi and Louisiana after freeze
Rising temperatures have melted the snow and ice in Mississippi and Louisiana, but tens of thousands of people still had little or no water service Monday, some waiting ...

Drinking at home, buying online set to linger for beer: AB InBev CEO
Beer drinkers are likely to retain pandemic habits of ordering online to drink at home even as coronavirus restrictions ease, the chief executive of the world's largest brewer said on Thursday.

Clouds linger into the weekend
As we stand on the brink of another weekend our forecast seems to be stuck, the result of a stationary front which is still hanging out along the I-20 corridor. We've seen plenty of clouds over the ...

11pm Update: Snow ends around midnight, but slick spots linger into the Monday AM commute
The back edge of the snow is pushing into the Madison area and western portions Dodge and Fond du Lac counties. Snow will end for inland areas by midnight and betw ...

Majority expects coronavirus disruptions to linger into second half of 2021: poll
A majority of Americans expect coronavirus disruptions to linger into the second half of 2021, according to a Gallup poll ...

Officials hopeful for 2021 event schedules in central Lake County, but questions linger
Villages, including Libertyville, Mundelein and Vernon Hills have been trying to figure out what this year’s local events could look like with the changing circumstances of the coronavirus.