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News for Loose Diamonds

How to Make Money With Loose Diamonds
Buying diamonds loose can be an appealing option for cost-conscious diamond consumers. Rather than buying the stone prefabricated into a setting or piece of jewelry, they can hand-select the exact ...

De Beers’ Lab-grown Diamonds Company Begins Selling Loose Stones
De Beers ’ lab-grown diamond offshoot is picking up the pace. Lightbox, which launched in 2018 with lab-grown diamonds offered in shades of white, blue and pink, will begin selling loose stones today.

Lightbox is Selling its Lab Growns Loose
The De Beers subsidiary Lightbox has started selling its lab grown diamonds loose, to meet the demand for custom-made pieces. Until now they have been available only in ready-made pieces of fashion ...

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The Ugly Necklace That Helped Bring Down Marie Antoinette
They at first tried to sell them in Paris, but the local jewelers found it odd that a man was walking around the city with his pockets bulging with loose diamonds and called the police.

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