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News for Louis Vuittons Handbags

You're going where? St. Louis
The Vault Luxury Resale doesn't seem like a resale store. Every item is in impeccable condition, whether it's a Louis Vuitton bag, a Tory Burch dress or anything by Chanel. Really, only the prices shout "resale," and that's how owner Sue McCarthy wants it.

Virgil Abloh Teases Designs For His First Louis Vuitton Sneaker
Through Louis Vuitton‘s social media, Abloh has revealed several key ... The porcelain details will also tie in with his bag designs, which feature chains crafted from porcelain to replace the original straps, further handiwork will give the impression ...

Louis Vuitton’s Jacques Cavallier Belletrud: a poet of perfume
“I saw the Louis Vuitton store, and the windows were fantastic. I was only 17 years old, but they welcomed me like a king. I explained that I wanted to buy a bag for Mother’s Day. I chose a nice red one, and the girl came back with this beautiful box ...

Kylie Jenner Sports the New Fanny Pack A.K.A. Summer Side Bag
If you're into logomania, here's another opportunity to flaunt that Fendi, Gucci or Louis Vuitton. For those with more subtle style sensibilities, remember this bag will be the focal point of your ensemble, so keep everything else in neutral shades.

Clearing Up the Misconceptions About Men With Bags
Don’t like ads? Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free Professional men and women carry bags, sometimes as a fashion statement. Designers like Louis Vuitton make some people want to carry bags to portray a specific image. Each style of ...

5 handbags we love — and collectors will, too
This special-order Louis Vuitton trunk is unique, and includes 28 removable watch ... Christie’s Education Luxury courses range from jewellery to handbags to fashion, providing exclusive behind-the-scenes tours to leading jewellery houses, workshops ...

Emma Stone Puts a Fresh Twist on the Power Suit in Louis Vuitton
Since becoming a face of Louis Vuitton back in February ... and the perfect mini bucket bag in Vuitton's new semi rigid—but in any case, this modern power suit proves dressing for business doesn’t have to be boring. Watch Emma Stone Reveal Her Perfect ...

Kris Jenner's walk-in closet is basically a luxury apartment filled with designer handbags and clothes
Starting from the left, you see three walls lined with designer handbags, including ones from Hermès, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, as Cosmopolitan pointed out. On the right, an entire wall just for clothes. And in the middle, a gigantic dresser the size of ...

Kate Spade, whose handbags became essential accessories for women, dies at 55
The designer bags from Prada and Louis Vuitton were too precious, in every way, to suit Ms. Spade, who preferred a simple woven bag with no zippers or flaps. “I said to myself, ‘Where’s a bag that I can afford, that’s simple, that’s not saying ...

South Korea's Richest 2018: The Entrepreneur Showcasing His Love Affair With Handbags
The exhibits range from a 16th-century Italian silk and metal purse to a 1970s plastic handbag that resembles a vintage telephone and a $46,000 Hermès Birkin. Rarities from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and others fill the showcases on one ...