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News for Louis Vuittons Handbags

Kim Jones' last Louis Vuitton show ends in super-charged bang
Bags were fun twists on the monogrammed classics with a lacquered ... bringing out Jones to huge applause. As of last year, LVMH, Louis Vuitton’s parent company, was one of the most powerful fashion groups in the world, valued at £22.7bn in 2017 ...

At Louis Vuitton and Dries Van Noten, Real Men Carry Purses
The Friends episode that traumatized me most was episode 13 of season 5, “The One With Joey’s Bag.” For the uninitiated, which must be few, I’ll describe the plot: The lovable goof Joey is convinced by the fashionable, brand-obsessed Rachel to try ...

Spring murder suspects linked to violent home invasion, theft of 20 Louis Vuitton bags
Walking with a limp from an injury suffered in a prison fight, Khari Ty Kendrick had one thing to say. "I'm sorry this happened," Kendrick said as he was led to a patrol vehicle. Sources told Eyewitness News the 23-year-old is the one, when interviewed ...

Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss Walk in Kim Jones' Last Menswear Show for Louis Vuitton
And now, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss reunited at the Louis Vuitton’s fall 2018 menswear show to walk designer ... hauling a checkered garment bag and an enormously oversize LV-printed backpack. All products featured were editorially selected.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall 2018
Kim Jones’ last collection for Louis Vuitton was never going to be just about ... wielding the new Infinity Dark messenger bag embossed with the name Vuitton. Jones patently relished the possibilities of the French luxury brand’s world-class atelier.

Did You Notice That Tonya Harding Always Carried This Louis Vuitton Bag?
Tonya Harding may have been the first American female figure skater to nail the triple axel, but she’s best known for the 1994 Nancy Kerrigan scandal that has resurfaced, due in large part to Margot Robbie’s Golden Globe-nominated portrayal of the epic ...

Is Kim Kardashian Naming Her Daughter After Louis Vuitton?
Yesterday, the reality star posted a picture of designer Louis Vuitton's signature pattern — with the letters ... the roses from her sister, the flowers on the bag are maybe a hint at that! "Also, she has been posting a lot of pictures of roses or ...

Need some high-tech to keep tabs on a high-fashion bag? Louis Vuitton can help
If you’re spending thousands of dollars on your luxury luggage from Louis Vuitton, chances are, you want to make sure you know where that luggage is at all times. And who better to help you keep tabs on your bag than the maker of said bag itself?

Louis Vuitton Wows with a Revamped Michigan Avenue Space
Equally tantalizing: The Louis Vuitton Petite Malle and the Twist PM handbag, both in silver Epi leather and exclusive to the store. Given the brand’s rich history with the city, it’s a full-circle fashion moment indeed. 919 N. Michigan Ave.,

Did Kim Kardashian West Name Her Baby Louis Vuitton? There's Speculation Based on This Photo
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West obviously love designer fashion, but do they love it enough to name a child after a handbag brand ... is there a meaning behind his Louis Vuitton monogram or what? Hint, hint, baby name? Kim really does like the brand, ...