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Michigan nationals focus of sale from Lyn Knight Auctions
Lyn Knight Currency Auctions' rare December auction, between the Baltimore Expo and FUN, is a chance to pick up quality notes from the Dan Freeland Collection of Michigan national bank notes.

Rare quarter sells on eBay for 2000 times its face value – What could your spare change be worth?
A RARE quarter from the early 1900s has sold for more than $500 on eBay – meaning you’ll want to carefully check anywhere you might store change to make sure you aren’t missing out on a similar ...

‘Pocillovy’ is the obscure hobby of collecting eggcups
Derived from the Latin words for “little cup” and “egg,” “pocillovy” is the word for collecting eggcups. Eggcups are said to have originated in France. King Louis XV (1715-1774) made them popular.

Bitcoin Goes to Auction
A Lealana Bitcoin, the first piece of physical cryptocurrency offered in a major live auction, is set to cross the block this month. The piece will be offered ...

Coins and bills worth a fortune if you find them
2005-P Kansas state “In God We Rust” quarter: up to $100 A number of 2005 Kansas state coins minted in Philadelphia were incorrectly imprinted with the motto “In God We Rust” as a build-up ...

Zim dollar registers first gain
Following a near six-month period of depreciation, the ZWL closed at 105.6684 against the USD reflecting a 0,03% improvement from the prior week’s forex auction.

Zim govt looking at central bank digital currency, what is that and why won’t it fix our problems
For a brief period of time, it appeared the Zimbabwean govt was going to adopt cryptocurrencies into the economy and that had us salivating a little. They ...

US dollar bonuses: Fresh questions over local currency
BY TATIRA ZWINOIRAFOLLOWING a spirited campaign by teachers’ unions for government to review civil service salaries in line with skyrocketing prices, the Finance ministry made an important but ...

10 Best Low Risk Stocks to Buy Now
In this article, we discuss the 10 best low risk stocks to buy now ... makes up almost 70% of the $23 trillion US economy. According to the latest numbers, the growth in consumer spending slowed ...

Serial 1 gets extra-terrestrial with its new special edition e-bike
While the Serial 1 electric bikes are nice to look at, its range of special editions are providing a real must-have factor to the brand. First, there was a one-off Chopper edition, then a limited ...

Turkish lira slides to new low after jump in US inflation
The lira dropped to an all-time low of 9.97 against the dollar early Thursday before settling at around 9.93 against the U.S. currency. The Turkish currency has lost some 25% of its value since the ...