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Julian Edelman has his moments when he's not the most pious disciple of the TB12 method But Alex Guerrero is always watching "With Alex, who's the guy, there is this -- I'll feel guilty if I eat a piece of cheese. He'll walking the cafateria, and I'm like ...

‘Saturday Night Live’ Spies on a Meeting Between Donald Trump Jr and Julian Assange (Watch)
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‘SNL’ Cold Open Reveals the Fateful Meeting Between Julian Assange and Donald Trump Jr (Video)
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Julian Edelman Explains Hip Injury — Not Concussion — From Super Bowl XLIX Vs. Seahawks
BOSTON (CBS) — When Julian Edelman got walloped over the middle by Kam Chancellor ... “So when I was trying to get up [after the Chancellor hit], everyone thinks I’m like dying and I can’t get up, [but] I couldn’t move my hip.

Ishe Smith’s traumatic 2017 could end on high note vs. Julian Williams
He headlines a Mayweather Promotions card on Saturday at The Cosmopolitan, facing hard-hitting Julian Williams. To headline a show in ... All of my money goes to taking care of my family. “I’m the plainest, most basic guy. My highest bills are sending ...

Ishe Smith: I Would Have Fought Julian Williams in Philly
"I would like to fight for a title but my main focus is Julian Williams. Like I said earlier ... Especially after beating Galarza 14 months ago I didn't plan to be off this long. I'm 39 years old but I don't feel my age and I don't look my age in sparring.

Robin Thicke’s Girlfriend April Love Geary Reveals Their Baby’s Sex: ‘Look What I’m Making!’
Look what I’m making!!!! Note her foot that’s over her head ... Thicke, 40, is already dad to 7-year-old Julian Fuego, his son with ex-wife Paula Patton. The parents-to-be started dating in the months following his separation from the actress ...

Phoenix Point Update #28, Julian Gollop on Lovecraftian Games
Snapshot Games CEO and creative director Julian Gollop said: "Thanks to the incredible support of our fans, we have added some tremendous design, art and technical talent to the team. I'm hugely grateful to everyone who supported us, and I can't wait to ...

New York Jet Julian Stanford, A Former Bloomfield Warhawk, Comes Home with Turkeys
Julian Stanford, a former Bloomfield Warhawk who is now a linebacker ... “It brings me a lot of joy to know I’m making someone’s holiday better,” he said. Meanwhile, Foodshare’s Turkey and Thirty campaign to give 15,334 turkeys to families ...