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News for Maier

KUMU Plays at First Football Game Since COVID-19
By Spencer FordRecruitment and Retention Manager The football game on Sept. 4 was an eventful day for the Golden Bears. Not only did KU win their first game of the season, but it was also a ...

Athlete of the Week: Chase Maier – Varsity Tennis
Varsity Tennis “Chase Maier is one of our senior captains. He has the hardest spot on our team at #1 singles. “He is always having to play the best player of t ...

Volunteers grow bumper crop of produce for people in need
There is a heavily vegetated area near Heartland Lutheran High School, about 75 by 100 feet, with yellow summer squash peeking through leaves and vines of ...

Smiles for America reveals the American hero from North Dakota’s new smile
Smiles for America has a campaign to fix a hero’s smile. They chose 50 dentists, in 50 states to help 50 American heroes. A veteran in North Dakota, is one of those chosen heroes. Dr.

Maier Makes History
Working together with Steve Daniel at the CFL Office, we have been exploring the historical context for the passing performances posted by Stampeders first-year quarterback Jake Maier. After ...

After a long parting, Blades' Maier glad to get that home-ice feel
Nolan Maier missed the place terribly. The Saskatoon Blades’ veteran goalie soaked it in Friday: ice, boards, crease, those hidden places under the stands where players congregate. We apologize ...

Stampeders' Maier to start at QB for Labour Day Classic
Rookie Jake Maier will make his third consecutive start for the Calgary Stampeders when they take on the Edmonton Elks Monday night in the Labour Day Classic.

Rookie quarterback Jake Maier to make third straight start when Stampeders face Elks
CALGARY — Rookie Jake Maier will make a third straight start at quarterback Monday when the Calgary Stampeders host the Edmonton Elks. Maier was listed atop Calgary's depth chat at quarterback ...

Derek Jeter’s best Yankees moments — here is No. 4
4. Jeter’s 1996 ALCS home run against the Orioles, thanks to Jeffrey Maier Derek Jeter hit the home run, but Jeffrey Maier was the reason why. In Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS against the Orioles ...

Growing Together Nebraska garden helps feed hungry
“We had 355 pounds total today, which puts our season total at 5,597 pounds and our garden total at 20,010 pounds,” said Ashlynn Maier, Nebraska Extension assistant for the Nutrition Education ...