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News for Makeup

Child allegedly destroys $1,300 of Sephora makeup, uses it as 'finger paint'
Beauty aficionados know all too well just how pricey quality makeup can be, which makes one Georgia woman’s discovery at a Sephora store all the more painful. On Nov. 11, Sephora makeup artist Brittany Nelson stumbled upon a pitifully wrecked tester ...

Should You Pay For a Bridesmaid's Makeup and Hair If She Can't Afford It?
It varies by bride whether she foots the hair and makeup bill for the bridal party herself, or has each member pay individually. But, if the bridesmaids are responsible for this fee, what happens when one doesn't have the financial resources to pay for the ...

A Child Allegedly Destroyed $1,300 Worth of Sephora Makeup and the Mom Is Being Shamed
Brittney Nelson, a makeup artist from Georgia, was shopping at Sephora on November 11 when she saw something that left her feeling shaken. A display featuring $1,300 worth of Make Up For Ever eye shadows had been completely destroyed, seemingly by a child.

Viral Photo Shows $1300-Worth of Destroyed Makeup at Sephora
You’re probably familiar with at least one oddly satisfying makeup destruction Instagram account. Spoiler alert: they’ve got nothing on this completely obliterated Sephora display, spotted by makeup artist Brittney Nelson. Be still our beating hearts.

My Yes-to-Makeup Look for Nights Out
We’re in a major “no-makeup makeup” moment: matte lipsticks, a slight shimmer on the cheek, Glossier ads with girls who don’t look like they’re wearing makeup at all — just enhanced, somehow. I love the look — I even wrote an article about ...

Kid allegedly destroys $1,300 worth of Sephora makeup
(Meredith) – The internet is not happy. Why? Because a little kid allegedly destroyed $1,300 worth of makeup. According to the New York Post, Sephora makeup artist Brittany Nelson found the wrecked display when she arrived at work. Nelson said she ...

Stranger Things Eleven's "Bitchin" Punk Makeup Was Recreated By a Beauty Blogger
MakeupThese Are The Best Black Friday Cyber Monday Makeup Deals Of 2017 Step 1: A bitchin’ smoky eye using Urban Decay’s Smoky Eye Palette. Using the shade Black Market, she starts by carefully dabbing on color. “I always like to remember with ...

Can you tell the £40 face from £200? We test budget slap – and premium makeup
SPLASHING out on new lippy or a must-have mascara for party season can come with a hefty price tag. But if we told you it’s possible to recreate the look below for less than £50, would you believe us? In picture A below, Sun writer SIOBHAN O’CONNOR is ...

A Child Allegedly Destroyed $1,000 of Makeup at Sephora, and I Am Unwell
You know when you're watching a horror movie and you have to remind yourself that it's not real? Well, prepare to do that now. In the post below, you can see a rack of completely decimated Make Up For Ever products at Sephora. It's full-on cosmetics ...

8 Gifts for the Makeup Lover in Your Life Under $50
When the holiday season finally comes around, the stress of getting the people in your life the perfect gift does too. Treat the makeup lovers in your life with beauty products by latina owned brands. Whether it's highlighters, eyeshadow, or skin care ...