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News for Manuela

Emotional video captures DISD student's acceptance to Harvard
The message she finally received marked the next chapter in her growing American dream. "I'm so proud of you little duckling," a teacher said to Manuela Arroyave in the main high school hallway at the end of Wednesday classes. "I'm so proud of you sweetheart.

Beira port container terminal increases
Reports from Mozambique said Deputy Transport Minister Manuela Rebelo on Tuesday inaugurated five new access lanes to the container terminal. The increased facility of movement to and from the terminal, and a three hectare increase in the size of the ...

Translators Here
UMass Amherst doctoral student Manuela Borzone ’15G and project manager Shawn Lindholm use a voiceover program in the Translation Center’s sound booth. Says center director Regina Galasso, “Translation is going on around us all the time.”

Christmas Card Competition Collects Creative Content: Manuela Goodman, Dunraven School
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... The stockings are up, the mince pies are out and Elf is being shown on the TV 24/7. Celebrations this year have come in all forms: while some are hosting Christmas parties and others are taking part in a ...

How the Keto Diet Helped Manuela Lose 80 Pounds and Achieve Her "Dream Goal"
Earlier this year, Manuela Fung had a scary doctor's visit. She learned she weighed her absolute heaviest and her "health was declining at an alarming rate." That was when she decided to research different diets she could potentially adopt in order to gain ...

Introducing freakebana: Flower arrangements where ugly meets cool
“I think people out there really love that chance to think creatively and let themselves have fun in a way they normally wouldn’t,” said Juliet Moore of Flowers Manuela. Avant-garde arrangements are one of the staples of this particular florist’s ...

9 Big Design Trends That Will Shape 2018
We’re talking about, my god, these things should talk back to people, and not just in graphs.”—Manuela Veloso, head of CMU SCS’s Machine Learning Department

Woman charged with stealing thousands of dollars worth of coins
A Marshall County woman is in jail for stealing more than $60,000 in gold and silver coins from a man's home. Manuela Herrera, 37, was arrested Monday evening after Marshall County Sheriff's Office deputies said they found her at an Albertville mall with ...

El Salvador: Woman Wrongfully Imprisoned after Obstetric Emergency is Denied Freedom
The first case is of Manuela, a woman wrongfully imprisoned who later died from untreated Hodgkins lymphoma in prison. In April 2017, the IACHR announced it will hear Manuela’s case. Our second case filed in December 2015 on behalf of nine women is still ...

Brexit cafe to heal referendum wounds
The idea has been developed by Stratford residents Sophie Clausen and Manuela Perteghella, both originally from Europe, but have settled in Stratford to bring up their families. The Brexit Café will provide an unthreatening environment where people can ...