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News for Marcato

Marcato Sends Letter To Horizon Global Board Of Directors
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Funds affiliated with Marcato Capital Management LP ("Marcato"), a significant long-term holder of the outstanding common shares of Horizon Global Corp. (HZ...

Hedge fund Marcato shifts proxy fight tactics at UGG maker Deckers
(Reuters) - A U.S. hedge fund that wants to make changes to the board of UGG boot maker Deckers Outdoor Corp (DECK.N) reduced its demand on Monday from changing all nine directors to just three, likel...

Marcato Likely to Pull off Win in Proxy War With Deckers
(Reuters) - Deckers Outdoor Corp shareholders looked set to hand three board seats to Marcato Capital Management at the UGG boots maker's annual meeting on Thursday, capping a months-long bitter proxy ...

Deckers Outdoor : Marcato Responds To Deckers' Desperate Attempt To Avoid Accountability
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Marcato Capital Management LP ("Marcato"), a San Francisco-based investment manager which manages funds that beneficially own approximately 8.4% of the out...

Marcato Releases Investor Presentation To Deckers Stockholders; Comments On Deckers' Response To Marcato's Lawsuit
Highlights Board's Track Record of Poor Oversight and Governance and Failure to Deliver on Short- and Long-Term Financial Goals Marcato's Nominees Have Right Experience and Executable Plan to Create L...

Deckers Brands Files Investor Presentation Highlighting Marcato’s False and Misleading Statements
Deckers Brands (DECK), a global leader in designing, marketing and distributing innovative footwear, apparel and accessories, today filed an investor presentation highlighting Marcato’s continued fals...