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News for Marin

Marin government inspires more confidence than predecessors
Sixty-two percent of respondents say they have confidence in the cabinet's ability to handle the nation's affairs.

Marin rally calls for defunding county sheriff
More than 100 protesters demonstrated at the Marin County Jail in San Rafael on Friday calling for the sheriff’s office to be defunded.

Marin gardens are bursting with flowers, fruits and vegetables; show off yours
Marin gardens are bursting forth with flowers, fruits and vegetables all over. I see it every day in front yards and on porches, in containers and planting beds around businesses, and in the ...

Marin Hospital Takes In Coronavirus-Infected Inmates: Report
Some San Quentin prison inmates who've been infected with the coronavirus amid an outbreak that's spiraled out of control at the historic prison have been sent to multiple Bay Area hospitals including ...

Marin County has highest coronavirus infection rate in Bay Area
Coronavirus cases in Marin climbed by 52 on Monday and the county reported that a man in his 40s has died. Marin is also grappling with an outbreak at San Quentin that has sickened more than a ...

Marin County added to California’s COVID-19 community spread watch list
Marin County was added to California’s COVID-19 community spread watch list on Friday. Health officials say Marin County is seeing an elevated increase in transmission and hospitalizations.

Marin conservatives stage Novato flag wave to support Trump
A group of more than 50 people gathered on the DeLong Avenue overpass in Novato on Thursday in a show of support for President Donald Trump.

Birding In Marin County: Photo Of The Day
Patch reader Elizabeth D'Orazio captured this photo of a black-crowned night heron by the lake in Corte Madera Town Park. Thanks for sharing! If you have an awesome picture of nature, breathtaking ...

Marin County Scales Back Reopening With Big Jump in COVID-19 Cases
Marin County decided to scale back on decisions to reopen their businesses after seeing a spike of COVID-19 cases across the state.

RH Has a Glittering New Marin Flagship Store
RH officially unveils RH Marin, The Gallery at the Village. It’s a natural extension for the brand, as its large luxury retail spaces—complete with glittering restauran ...

RH CEO Gary Friedman on debut of sprawling, 60,000-square-foot Marin gallery on Thursday
"We believe most retail stores are archaic windowless boxes lacking any sense of humanity," said CEO Gary Friedman.

Timothy D. Myers Named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Bank of Marin
Bank of Marin Bancorp (“Bancorp”) (Nasdaq: BMRC), parent company of Bank of Marin (the “Bank”), announced that Russell A. Colombo, President and CEO, named Timothy D. Myers as Executive Vice President ...