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News for Masonic Pendant

Kistner: A Treasure Of Masonic Jewelry
Tucked in a corner at the top of the Silversmith Building in the Loop is F.N. Kistner Co. and its treasure house of thousands of Masonic swords, fezzes and watch fobs. Passing by a baroque entranceway, a suit of armor and crystal lamps, the visitor enters ...

Allentown's 44th annual West Park art show brings in better artists
PHOTO GALLERY: Art in the Park took place inside the Masonic Temple across the street from West PArk ... Returning participants include Svetlana Howells, who makes silver jewelry, painter Claudia McGill, pastel artist Jaqueline Meyerson and painter Jeffrey ...

Nurse honoured 75 years after graduation
They forbade jewelry. Nurses weren’t allowed to exchange pleasantries ... Across from her bed is another frame with filled with Masonic memorabilia and insignia that belonged to her late husband, a Second World War navy veteran and former grand master ...

Innerviews: Nitro jeweler still fixture at his 62-year-old store
He belonged to the Masonic lodge and Mr. Galperin in Charleston belonged ... “He took me to Mr. Galperin. Hyman had a jewelry store, his son ran that. He also had a supply house, supplying jewelers with merchandise and parts. There were 13 jewelry ...

Community events from around Greater Lansing | June 2018
9 a.m.-5 p.m. Okemos Masonic Center, 2175 Hamilton Road All proceeds benefit ... Besides clothing, you’ll find home decor, jewelry, handbags, glassware, linens, appliances, books, small furniture and collectibles. Donations welcome during shop hours.

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Household, sports, clothes, shoes, jewelry, children’s items ... Mason/Star Public Dinner, 4:30-6 p.m., Ticonderoga Masonic Temple, 10 Montcalm St., Ticonderoga. A public barbeque chicken breast dinner, sponsored jointly by the members of Mount Defiance ...

Masonic Lodge home to Fraternal Supply
MASON CITY — The Masonic Temple at 75 S. Georgia is now home to the Mason City Fraternal Supply Inc., which transferred five truckloads of fraternal jewelry, china and crystal, books and Bibles this fall. The entire inventory of F.N. Kistner Co. of ...

Masonic Rings Evoke Powerful Emotions
I always admired my grandfather's Masonic ring. He told me when I was a teenager that I would inherit that ring one day, but I'd have to "earn" it-that it wasn't just a piece of jewelry. He passed away when I was 22. I remembered my grandfather's words and ...

Masons' museum to spotlight Attleboro's link to jewelry industry
ATTLEBORO - Membership in the Ezekiel Bates Masonic Lodge isn't what it was in its heyday ... especially with respect to industry - and in particular, the jewelry industry. Written records go back to the 1800s, and most of the names on the rolls were ...

Community Calendar
Produce, meats, baked goods, jams, jellies, maple syrup, honey, soaps and personal care items, knitted and sewn items, jewelry and more ... Seniors Aerobics and Weights with Catherine, 9 a.m., Masonic Lodge, East Main Street, Fredonia.