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News for Maurices

Duluth store among first to sport redesign of Maurices
DULUTH, Minn. - Become stagnant and you're in trouble, says George Goldfarb, who heads Maurices fast-growing chain of women's clothing stores. "It's so important to keep your chain fresh ...

Maurices HQ sold for $15M
The downtown Duluth building home to Maurices Inc.’s headquarters sold for $15 million last week. In a deal that closed Jan. 6, ANSA Propco Partnership L.P. purchased the 11-story building from ...

Maurices not impacted by sale of headquarters building
The building housing Maurices' headquarters in downtown Duluth showed up on a certificate of real estate value from the Minnesota Department of Revenue last week, but the $15 million sale will ...

Maurices headquarters building in Duluth is sold
The Duluth office building that's home to apparel retailer Maurices Inc. has been sold in a $15 million deal. Finance & Commerce reports on the deal between ANSA Propco Partnership and Duluth Real ...

Maurices, The Buckle to move to Rib Mountain when mall closes
Jared Wehner, Director of Community Development for the town of Rib Mountain says Maurices will move to the former Dollar Tree location. The store is located in the strip mall that includes Best Buy.

Maurices names new store manager
Read all The World's news online FREE, for 30 days at no charge. After the trial period we’ll bill your credit card just $15 per month. This subscription will allow existing subscribers of The ...

Maurices Names Melissa Petty New Store Manager In Dalton
Maurices, a leading national specialty store "for savvy, fashion-conscious customers with a 20-something attitude," has named Melissa Petty as store manager. Ms. Petty is responsible for the day ...

Two stores will move to Rib Mountain after Wausau Center Mall closes next month
WAUSAU – Two popular stores, Maurices and The Buckle, will relocate from the Wausau Center Mall to Rib Mountain when the mall closes for redevelopment next month. Maurices will move to the ...

Maurices To Open New Fashion Store In Hixson
Maurices, a leading national specialty store for fashion "for savvy, fashion-conscious customers," will open a new store in Hixson in the Oak Park Town Center (next to Wal-Mart) on July 28.

City Apartments - No:4 Monkbar Mews, St. Maurices Road, York – Home 9239129 Apartment
No: 4 Monkbar Mews is a newly renovated duplex apartment tastefully furnished and decorated throughout. On the ground floor is an open plan living/dining/kitchen area and a cloakroom along with a ...