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A Medieval-inspired castle that has a hidden underground grotto with a jacuzzi and a dungeon is on sale for $2.3 million
LeBlanc Castle in Michigan was built in 1990 in Scottish baronial style and has 26 rooms, including a secret tower with a 50-foot spiral staircase.

A History of the Turtleneck, From Medieval Knights to Elizabeth Holmes
Tech titans wear it. So do creative types. How the turtleneck evolved from medieval underwear to a modern classic.

Medieval horses were no bigger than modern-day ponies, study suggests
Horses from the Middle Ages were the size of ponies -- much smaller than horses today, according to the largest-ever study of horse bones.

Study: Medieval Warhorses Were No More Than Pony-Sized by Modern Standards
Archaeologists from the University of Exeter and elsewhere have analyzed the zooarchaeological dataset of English horse bones from 171 unique archaeological sites dating between 300 and 1650 CE.

Archaeologists Discover—and Start to Decode—Rare Medieval Runes
Late last year, archaeologists in Norway made a pair of stunning discoveries only days apart, unearthing two rare sets of runes in separate sections of Oslo’s Medieval Park. Solveig Thorkildsen and ...

Medieval warhorses were surprisingly small in stature, study shows
Medieval warhorses are often depicted as massive and powerful beasts, but in reality many were no more than pony-sized by modern standards, a new study shows. Horses during the period were often below ...

Medieval castle with watchtower and drawbridge on sale for $2.3M
Someone that grew up loving fairy-tales or stories would really fit this house,” said the listing agent of the property, which has been on the market since September.

Medieval warhorses no bigger than modern-day ponies, research finds
The image of the medieval warhorse as a giant snorting, stamping beast is a myth, according to new research, with many mounts of the era no bigger than modern-day ponies. The chargers of English ...

‘Green Knight’ Composer Daniel Hart Had His Own Quest, to Get Medieval
One of the surprises on the Oscar music shortlist was Daniel Hart’s score for “The Green Knight,” which is awash with medieval musical touches appropriate for a 15th-century tale of King Arthur’s ...

Behold Medieval Snowball Fights: A Timeless Way of Having Fun
He is accustomed to bring hunger with him. — Anonymous poem in Medieval Latin, translated by Heather Williams Winter may starve and freeze, but in each place where snow accumulates, we also find ...

Medieval warhorses were surprisingly small in stature
Medieval warhorses are often depicted as massive and powerful beasts, but in reality many were no more than pony-sized by modern standards, a new study shows.

Medieval Warhorses Were Surprisingly Small
A team of archaeologists and historians from the United Kingdom set out on a quest in search of medieval England's 'great horse', and discovered that it was actually rather small.