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News for Michael Kors Handbag

Michael Kors and Kate Hudson Host Dinner in Tokyo
In Europe, they like the bag. I think right away you saw that attention to detail ... So she’s been really great raising the profile with us.” Michael Kors is making news in Asia recently. The brand just launched an official account on the Korean ...

Michael Kors hikes 2018 outlook, sending shares of the handbag maker higher
Increasing its outlook, Michael Kors now expects total revenue for fiscal 2018 to be roughly $4.59 billion. Full-year adjusted earnings per share are estimated to come in between $3.85 and $3.95. Michael Kors' shares have climbed more than 25 percent in ...

Michael Kors beats estimates as Americas sales rebound, shares jump
(Reuters) - Handbag maker Michael Kors Holdings Ltd (KORS.N) beat second-quarter profit and revenue estimates as its turnaround efforts helped reverse a decline in Americas sales for the first time in a year, sending its shares up 12 percent in early trading.

Michael Kors posts better-than-expected results
Luxury handbag retailer, Michael Kors, has posted strong quarterly results and has raised its full year outlook indicating the company is starting to see a lift from its turnaround efforts. The global accessories retailer, which completed its acquisition ...

Kors Earnings: Charging More for Bags Seems to Be Working
Investors like the look of the transformation going on at Michael Kors. Shares are up 13.6% Monday after the company ... which the company attributed to both cost cuts and a higher mix of pricier bags. CEO John Idol called out the impact of backpacks ...

Michael Kors Beats Fiscal 2Q18 Earnings and Revenue Estimates, Raises Guidance
Established in 1981, Michael Kors operates as a luxury fashion brand that designs and sells handbags, ready to wear apparel and fashion accessories. The company primarily markets under three brands—MICHAEL Michael Kors, Michael Kors Collection ...

Michael Kors Scores With Strong Q2, But What's The Deal With That Guidance?
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Michael Kors beats, raises its revenue forecast for the rest of the year
Michael Kors beat on both the top and bottom lines ... Kors, known for its "affordable luxury" line of handbags, said it now expects revenue of $4.59 billion for the year ending April 2018. The forecast includes $215 million to $225 million of additional ...

Michael Kors Gets a Stylish Upgrade
Michael Kors (KORS) was upgraded by TheStreet's quantitative service ... Let's check the charts and indicators to see if we want show off our MK handbag. In this daily bar chart of KORS, below, we can see prices have soared from $34 to $54 in a little ...

Handbag stocks on watch after strong Michael Kors report
Shares of Fossil (NASDAQ:FOSL) are up 5.32% in premarket action after peer Michael Kors delivered a strong report. Fossil is due to spill quarterly numbers tomorrow. Tapestry (NYSE:TPR), which is also due to report tomorrow, is up 0.5% in light premarket ...