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News for Michigan

Michigan football freshman WR enters NCAA transfer portal
Michigan football receiver Kyle McNamara entered the NCAA transfer portal Monday, the Free Press has learned. The 5-foot-9 receiver from Nashville joined the program this year as a preferred walk-on ...

President Trump puts Michigan's Larsen on Supreme Court short list
President Trump indicated Michigan's Joan Larsen, a federal appeals court judge, is on his list of five finalists for a U.S. Supreme Court seat ...

Michigan reports 1,536 new cases of coronavirus, 12 deaths over the weekend
Michigan has lost 12 more people to the novel coronavirus and 1,536 more people have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the weekend update from the Michigan Department of Health and Human ...

What If The Michigan-Ohio State Game Gets Postponed?
Ohio State will be played the final weekend of the regular season, but what happens if THE Game gets cancelled?

Aerial mosquito spraying scheduled in seven Michigan counties
A handful of counties in the east of the state may also be sprayed, weather permitting, against Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

Trump flips, now encouraging Michigan residents to vote absentee
In an about face on mail-in voting in Michigan, President Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday to encourage voters to request absentee ballots and vote early.

Trump’s Ohio suburb slide could signal peril in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
Trump’s chances for a second term rest heavily on being able to maintain the margins he won by in 2016, particularly in suburban areas.

Michigan State Basketball: No. 4 in Preseason B1G Power Rankings
With the season a couple of months away, Jon Rothstein, a college basketball Insider, released his Big Ten Preseason Preview with a list of power rankings. According to him, Michigan State is fourth ...

Northern Michigan’s budding hops industry on the rise again
Northern Michigan’s hops industry is beginning to rebound after the global pandemic caused sales to drop earlier this year, the Associated Press reports. During the first months of COVID-19, Michigan ...

Coronavirus live updates: Eastern Michigan University to test campus wastewater for COVID-19
Nearly 170 vaccine candidates for COVID-19 are being tracked by the World Health Organization, at least six of which are in crucial phase three trials. An additional 230 coronavirus-related fatalities ...

Michigan commit Cristian Dixon - Pylon Elite 7v7 camp highlights
Pylon Elite 7v7 camp highlights ...

Big Ten football schedule 2020: Eight-game conference slates begin Oct. 24 with Ohio State-Michigan on Dec. 12
The ACC and Big 12 began play in Week 2, while the SEC is set to kick off in the traditional Week 4 on Sept. 26. The Big Ten Championship Game is scheduled to be played on Dec. 19, one day before the ...